Transfer of Credit

Transferring College Credits to WDT

Students requesting credit at WDT for college work completed at other schools must submit an official transcript from the school(s) previously attended. All requests for transfer of credit from a higher education institution should be received by midterm of the final semester of a student’s enrollment to qualify for graduation at the end of that term. Transfer students must complete a minimum of 50% of the prescribed coursework through WDT to be eligible for a diploma or AAS degree.

Postsecondary level credits from an accredited school in which the student has earned a grade of “C” or higher, or its equivalent, will be considered for transfer. The determination of acceptance is made by the Student Success Director. Approved transfer credits are designated on the transcript as “TC.”

Special circumstances for Paralegal/Legal Assistant Students
Transfer credit requests for general education courses and other non-legal specialty courses shall be handled by the Student Success Director. With regard to legal specialty course transfer credit requests, full credit shall be given in connection with credits earned in legal specialty courses completed by ABA approved programs, provided, however, that no transfer credit shall be given in connection with any course in which the student earned lower than a “C.”

Where the legal specialty course credits have been completed by a non-ABA approved program, the program director shall make a case-by-case decision based on an examination of the textbook, course syllabus, and assignments completed in connection with the course for which the student is seeking transfer credit, again providing, however, that no transfer credit shall be given in connection with any course in which the student earned a grade lower than “C.”

Transfer credit is awarded pursuant to the general guidelines set forth in Western Dakota Tech’s general transfer policy (50% of a student’s coursework must be completed at WDT in order to receive a diploma/degree). The program does not allow the awarding of legal specialty credit by examination.

Transferring WDT Credit to Other Colleges and Universities

Western Dakota Tech accepts has transfer agreements with the following colleges and universities. Click on the links or contact an individual institution for detailed information.

Articulating High School Credits to WDT

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