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The business world offers well-trained students an endless list of opportunities. You can own a business and be your own boss. You can manage a store for someone else. You can run the social media marketing operation for a company or an ad agency. You could manage an office or be an executive assistant. Or, you can use your imagination to do whatever you’ve always dreamed about.

Business skills are some of the most versatile skills you can learn. Our program will help you learn them fast, and on your terms.

Choose from:

  • Associate of Applied Science Degree
    • Business Management & Marketing
    • Social Media Marketing
  • Diplomas
    • Entrepreneurship
    • Office Professional
Business Management & Marketing-Associate of Applied Science degree

business management and marketing

Learn the principles and applications of accounting, marketing, sales, desktop publishing, management, website development, and more so you can set yourself apart from the crowd when you begin your business careers. Available on-campus and 100% online!

Program Learning Outcomes

Social Media Marketing-Associate of Applied Science Degree

social media marketing

Learn skills to work in marketing and advertising while specializing in social media. Take coursework in social media/interactive marketing and e-commerce, search engine marketing, writing skills for social media, social media marketing campaigns, and more! Available 100% online!

 Program Learning Outcomes



Want to run a successful business? This program will give you the skills you need to successfully open a small business and becoming your own boss. Learn accounting, supervision, small business entrepreneurship, business law, and more!

Program Learning Outcomes

Office Professional-Diploma

office professional

Learn everything you need to be an office manager or executive assistant that helps run an office. Complete courses in writing, speaking, professional development, records management, and more!

Program Learning Outcomes