Environmental Engineering Tech


The Environmental Engineering Tech program is designed to prepare students for work in an exciting and growing field. As our population grows, society puts an ever increasing demand on our natural resources. Program graduates primarily work outdoors in the field, collecting information used to assess how increased demand affects the quality and quantity of our nation’s natural resources. Our Environmental Engineering Tech graduates work in a broad range of jobs such as collecting and analyzing water and soil samples, measuring stream flow and groundwater levels, and conducting soils testing.

The work can be physically demanding, requiring technicians to climb or hike long distances, carrying equipment to remote locations. The job often entails working under varying climatic conditions for extended periods. Technicians may be required to drive off-road vehicles such as 4-wheelers and snowmobiles, or even ride horses, boats or helicopters, to access some remote sampling sites.

Upon graduation, students can be employed with federal, state, county, and city environmental departments, water treatment facilities, or with private businesses such as consulting engineers, mining companies, and testing labs.

Students will gain experience in environmental sampling and monitoring throughout the program. Environmental Engineering courses provide students with an excellent balance of theory and hands-on experience that will enable them, upon graduation, to conduct environmental investigations under the supervision of professional Geologists, Engineers or Hydrologists. Courses such as Soil Testing, Field Instrumentation, Hydrology, and Field Methods, provide students with hands-on experience. Some of the other required courses in the program include Mapping, Global Positioning Systems, Surveying, and Geographic Information Systems. In addition, students take courses in communications, human relations, computers, and mathematics that will provide them with the skills necessary to advance in their careers.