Fire Science


If you crave excitement and adventure wanting to respond to fires or medical emergencies, WDT offers a Fire Science Program for you. Your Associate of Applied Science Degree will make you more marketable in the highly competitive career of working for a professional fire department or wildland agency.

About the Program

The Fire Science program will prepare you for a career in a wildland or structural fire service. The Associate of Applied Science Degree provides instruction preparing you for a career in a professional fire service. This is done through a combination of classroom instruction, extensive hands-on training, and in-field experience, allowing you to develop skills required for successful employment in the fire service.

As a WDT Fire Science Student you will train in real-life conditions to prepare you to be a professional firefighter. You will learn the fundamental principles in the causes of fire, organizational structure, fire behavior, emergency tactics and fire suppression, along with the basics of urban, rural, and wildland firefighting.

The Firefighting Career

Every year, fires and other emergencies take thousands of lives and destroy property. Firefighters help serve and protect the public against these dangers by being among the first emergency personnel on the scene of a fire, accident, or medical emergency.

Fighting fires is dangerous and complex requiring organization and teamwork from first responders. Professional firefighters must be prepared to respond immediately to any fire or other emergency. This includes a variety of settings, including urban, rural, grasslands, forests, airports, chemical plants, and other industrial sites.