Health Information Management


The Health Information Management program can prepare you students for a variety of careers in the medical office and medical coding professions.

The program offers two pathways:

  • Associate degree in Health Information Management with a specialization in Coding
  • Health Information Management Diploma

Each option prepares you for related, but different, careers.

Medical Coding

medical coding

Healthcare providers rely on the skills and knowledge of Coding Specialists to provide accurate coding of medical documentation using a patient’s medical history, diagnosis, procedures/tests, prognosis, and outcome. Coding determines the financial reimbursement along with statistical data for healthcare facilities. The increasing use of electronic health records has Coding Specialists working simultaneously as editors and coders.

Health Information Management diploma

The Health Information Management diploma option opens doors to a variety of careers in healthcare facilities. Careers may include front desk personnel, billers, electronic health record editors and reviewers, surgery schedulers, health unit administrative coordinators, claims processors, medical records management, release of information technicians, and other positions throughout healthcare facilities. That makes you important and vital to the success of healthcare providers and organizations.

A medical office is a complex operation. Patients come and go all day. Phones must be answered and appointments made. Patient files must be pulled, processed and returned. Electronic Health Records must be completed accurately. Procedures must be scheduled and pre-authorizations obtained. Inventory must be monitored and stocked. Claims and bills must be processed. As a Health Information Management employee, you will organize office activities and provide support to medical staff.

Career Opportunities

This career provides intellectual challenge and the opportunity to make a unique contribution to quality healthcare. Job opportunities are expected to grow 11 percent through 2018, making it a great time to enter the field.

WDT will prepare you for this interesting and exciting career field by giving you the skills and experience you need to succeed. The program combines lecture with hands-on experience, including an opportunity for an internship in a healthcare setting. Request more information or contact Admissions at (605) 718-2565, (800) 544-8765, or