articulationArticulation is a cooperative effort between South Dakota high schools and technical institutes. It links high schools with certificate, diploma, and associate degree programs. It provides students with an opportunity to receive credit for skills previously learned. If you are interested in transferring college credits into a WDT program, please refer to the WDT transfer policies in the WDT Catalog.

How Does it Work?

South Dakota students are eligible to articulate technical courses at Western Dakota Tech (WDT) if their high school program is an approved program. The core standards are evaluated in each Career Cluster and compared to the curriculum in the programs at WDT. Articulation agreements are then developed when the standards in a secondary course and the curriculum in the WDT course are comparable in content and rigor. Please contact the Department of Learning and Instruction at 605-773-3423 for approved program verification.

Please see the following articulation guidelines for additional requirements and information.

How Does it Benefit Students?
  • Achieve a B or better in your high school courses and you will receive credit at no cost for that knowledge and experience when you enroll in a program at a South Dakota Technical institute.
  • You will save money on tuition when you attend a South Dakota technical institute.
  • You will be on your way to obtaining a high-paying high-tech career.
How do you know which courses at your school are eligible?

Your career and technical education teachers (CTE) teachers and high school counselors can provide information on the courses available for articulation at your school. In addition, you may contact the Department of Learning and Instruction at 605-773-3423 for approved program verification.

How do you receive credit?

When you enroll at a state-supported technical institute you need to tell an admissions representative about the articulated course work that you completed successfully during high school.

South Dakota Articulation Guidelines
  1. For a student to articulate courses after the three year time limit, an assessment of skill mastery will be required.
  2. A minimum of a “B” in the course(s) to be articulated is required.
  3. No grade will be assigned for articulated credit. These courses will not be counted in determining post-secondary grade-point average.
  4. The credits articulated will count toward the total number needed for graduation from the program.
  5. Tuition is not charged for the articulated credit(s).
  6. Articulation agreements will be reviewed on an annual basis as well as during the program review cycle at the post-secondary level.
  7. Articulated courses will be honored by all post-secondary institutes for those course(s) that have common course names and numbers.
  8. All articulation agreements between secondary schools and the technical institutes reflect only the transfer ability of credit between these agencies and not with state universities.
Career Clusters
WDT Programs
Agricultural, Food, & Natural Resource Articulation Accounting
Architecture & Construction Articulation Business Management & Marketing
Business Marketing & Administration Articulation Collision Repair Tech
Finance Articulation Computer-Aided Drafting Tech
Health Science Articulation Electrical Trades
Information Technology Articulation Environmental Engineering Technician
Law, Public Safety, Correction & Security Articulation Fire Science
Manufacturing Articulation Health Services
Marketing, Sales & Service Articulation Office Professional
STEM Articulation  Programming & Computer Networking
  Transportation, Distribution & Logistics Articulation Programming Computer Networking with Emphasis in Network Admin
Transportation Tech
Welding Manufacturing

For more information, contact:

Jill Elder
Admissions Director