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This publication should not be considered a contract between Western Dakota Tech and any prospective student. As much as possible, program and course offerings will be offered as listed. However, Western Dakota Tech reserves the right to modify course offerings according to current conditions. Western Dakota Tech also retains the right to make changes in programs, policies, graduation requirements, tuition, fees, and refunds without notice.


Entire 2016-2017 WDT Catalog


Entire 2015-2016 WDT Catalog

  • Section 1: Introduction
    • Welcome
    • Mission
    • Objectives
    • Vision Statement
    • Accreditation
    • Program Certifications/Accreditations
    • Advisory Committees
    • Program & Course Information
    • Corporate Education Center
  • Section 2: Admissions
    • Application Procedure
    • Pre-Enrollment Assessment
    • Home-Schooled Students
    • Special Program Requirements
    • Acceptance
    • Textbooks & Tools
    • Academic Preparation
    • Laptop Computers
    • Academic Records
    • Academics
    • Financial Aid
  • Section 3: General Education
    • General Education Procedure
    • Diploma Program Requirements
    • AAS Degree Requirements
    • Preparatory Courses
  • Section 4: Programs
    • Course Requirements and semester-by-semester breakdowns
  • Section 5: Course Descriptions

Entire 2014-2015 WDT Catalog

Section 1-Welcome and General Information

Section 2-Admissions Requirements

Section 3-Financial Aid

Section 4-Services to Students

Section 5-Student Responsibility for Catalog Information

Section 6-General Education

Section 7-Programs

Section 8-Course Descriptions 

Catalog Addendum – March 10, 2014

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