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Core Abilities

At Western Dakota Tech, we want every one of our students to graduate not only with the skills necessary in their chosen field, but with the knowledge, skills, and behaviors they need to lead a rewarding and productive life. That's why we focus on core abilities necessary for each and every program.

Core abilities are essential workplace skills that cut across occupational and academic titles.  They are broad, common abilities that students must possess to be prepared for the work force and for lifelong learning.

Core abilities are different from course competencies in that they are not course-specific.  They are not taught in lessons.  Instead, they are broader skills that run through courses and lessons.  These abilities enable learners to perform competencies.

Core abilities are comprised of transferable skills, attitudes and abilities expected to be mastered by learners completing a program.  They go beyond a specific program, are integrated throughout the learning experience and are institutional.

Our Core Abilities

Life Skills
Analytical Skills
Communication Skills
Technology Skills
Teamwork Techniques
Social Values

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