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Policy 1022 - Ethical Practices in Admissions

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Western Dakota Tech Policy Number:  1022


I.  Purpose

Western Dakota Tech (WDT) is dedicated to offering admissions services with the highest level of ethics and service possible in accordance with the Higher Learning Commissions Assumed Practices – CRRT.B.10.020.

II.  General Statement of Policy

A.  The College maintains membership with the National Association for College Admission Counseling (NACAC), a cornerstone of which is ethical college admission practices. WDT adheres to the NACAC Statement of Principles of Good Practice and shares NACAC’s efforts to ensure appropriate conduct among professionals in the recruitment of students and their transition to postsecondary education.

III.  Definitions – None

IV.  Reporting Procedures – None

V.  Dissemination of Policy and Training

A.  College employees involved in the recruitment of students will receive a copy of the Statement of Principles of Good Practice and training in those principles upon employment and on an annual basis thereafter. The Admissions and Financial Aid Director will be responsible for the distribution of and training in the principles.

B. This policy shall appear on the WDT website on the policy webpage.

Legal References: None

Board Approved 5/13/2019



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