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Policy 2007 - Professional Development

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Western Dakota Tech Policy Number: 2007


I. Purpose

 The purpose of the policy is to establish a budget for professional training and growth for Western Dakota Tech (WDT) employees to keep current in their field and to maintain compliance as required by the Department of Education and the Higher Learning Commission.

II. General Statement of Policy

A. The policy of the college is to provide personal and professional growth opportunities for all employees through professional development. Such growth enhances both the individual and the college. In order to establish opportunities for professional growth, the college shall establish a budget for professional development. The size and scope of this budget shall be in accordance with available funds.

B. Faculty and staff will request professional development funds through the established process. Funding approvals will be granted according to the following priorities: tuition reimbursement, college accreditation, program accreditation, department compliance, and individual professional development.

C. It shall be a violation of this policy to not provide funding for professional development.

III. Definitions


IV. Reporting Procedures


V. Dissemination of Policy and Training

A. This policy shall appear on the WDT website on the policy webpage.

B. The college shall review the staff development budget process each March during the budget training process.

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Board Approved 02/25/2019

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