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Policy 2008 - Personnel Records

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Western Dakota Tech Policy Number: 2008


I.  Purpose

The purpose of the policy is to inform Western Dakota Tech (WDT) employees that all WDT personnel records shall be maintained in the WDT Human Resources office while employed. A file shall be kept for all resigned or retired employees, including such essential information as specified by state and federal laws and for a minimum of three years after end of employment.

II.  General Statement of Policy

A.  Personnel information concerning WDT employees is generally confidential. Some personnel information is “public record” and must be released to any person upon request:

  1. Salaries;
  2. Routine directory information;
  3. Employment applications and related materials submitted by individuals hired into executive or policymaking positions within WDT; and
  4. Any current or prior contract with any public employee and any related document that specifies the consideration to be paid to the employee is by law a public document and to which the public has the right to examine and make memoranda and abstracts therefrom during regular school hours.

B.  Records of an employee’s evaluation shall not be released to anyone but the employee’s supervisor without the written consent of the employee unless authorized or required by law.

C.  Files containing medical information regarding an employee, including employment accommodations pursuant to Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and Rehabilitation Act Section 504, will be kept separate from other personnel files and shall not be released without the written consent of the employee unless authorized or required by law.

D.  Employees have the right to review their personnel file while employed by the college. The employee shall contact the WDT Human Resource Department in writing with the request.

III.  Definitions - None

IV.  Reporting Procedures - None

V.  Dissemination of Policy and Training

A.  This policy shall appear on the WDT website on the policy webpage.

Legal References:

     SDCL 1-27-1.5 - Records not open to Inspection

Board Approved 07/11/2019

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