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Policy 2013 - Intellectual Property

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Western Dakota Tech Policy Number: 2013    


I.  Purpose

The purpose of the policy is to establish ownership of intellectual property.

II.  General Statement of Policy

A.  Western Dakota Tech (WDT) retains sole ownership of and all rights to intellectual property created when the work is part of the covered individual’s scope of employment or contracted work at the College or when an employee or contracted party uses significant College resources to create the work.

B.  All intellectual property created by a student as part of a credit or non-credit class or as part of a recognized WDT club is the property of the student if the student is not paid through internal funds, grant funds, or a college contract with a third-party sponsor and the College resources used are provided to all students or are not substantial.

C.  It shall be a violation of this policy to not protect intellectual property rights or for any individual to personally claim another’s or WDT’s intellectual property rights.

III.  Definitions

A.  Intellectual property means works that could be protected by patents, trademarks, copyrights, or trade secrets.

B.  College resources means personnel, physical property and equipment, facilities, time, compensation, funding, and other forms of College support

IV.  Reporting Procedures – None

V.  Dissemination of Policy and Training

A.  This policy shall appear on the WDT website on the policy page. 

Legal References: None

Board Approved 5/13/2019

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