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Policy 4006 - Student Records Retention

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Western Dakota Tech Policy Number: 4006 


I.  Purpose

The purpose of the policy is to provide general guidance for the management of student records and provide a framework for what is to be retained. The Records Retention Schedule (4006.Exhibit.0001) further defines the parameters set forth in this policy.

II.  General Statement of Policy

A.  Student records are an essential part of the educational process. Student cumulative files are kept for the benefit of the student and are retained by WDT as required by law.

B.  In the event of the closure of WDT, all permanent records of students and former students will be maintained by and available from Career and Technical Education, 700 Governors Drive, Pierre, South Dakota 57501.

C.  Failure to retain student records using the Records Retention Schedule or failure to comply with federal retention regulations will be a violation of this policy.

III. Definitions

A.  A “record” is any information recorded in any way, including, but not limited to handwriting, print, computer media, video or audio tape, film, microfilm and microfiche. (American Association of Collegiate Registrars and Admissions Officers definition)

B.  “Student records” are records that are directly related to a student and maintained by an educational agency or institution or by a party acting for an agency or institution. (American Association of Collegiate Registrars and Admissions Officers definition)

C.  WDT defines a “student” as an individual who is or has been enrolled at WDT.

IV.  Reporting Procedures

A.  None

V.  Dissemination of Policy and Training

A.  This policy shall appear on the policy webpage on the WDT website.

Legal References:       

                           34 CFR § 668.24(e)(1) Federal Work Study Record Retention

                           38 CFR § 21.4209(f) Veterans Education and Training Benefits 

Board Approved 07/11/2019

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4006.Exhibit.001 - Student Records Retention

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