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Policy 4009- Student Clubs

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Western Dakota Tech Policy Number: 4009


I. Purpose

Western Dakota Tech believes that student clubs are a vital part of the campus community. Student clubs play a major role in creating a positive social, cultural, and academic environment at the school. Participation in student clubs enhances personal development and growth and can serve as an important source of personal and professional support.

II. General Statement of Policy

A. Western Dakota Tech recognizes and supports student clubs for the purpose of addressing the interests of its students in so far as the purpose of such clubs are consistent with acceptable goals of education and in so far as they are approved by the WDT Student Success Center as a recognized club.

B. It shall be a violation of this policy to not follow the policies and guidelines governing clubs and student conduct as stated in the Student Club Handbook and WDT Student Handbook. Any violations of the rules and regulations governing student conduct will be subject to student disciplinary procedures as outlined in Policy 4005 – Student Conduct.

III. Definitions

A. Acceptable goals of education means the purpose of the club is to support the development of essential workplace skills and community service skills

IV. Reporting Procedures 


V. Dissemination of Policy and Training

A. This policy shall appear on the Western Dakota Tech website.

B. Rules and regulations governing student clubs will be communicated to students through the Western Dakota Tech Student Handbook and the Western Dakota Tech Student Club Handbook.

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