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Federal Reporting

Student Diversity at Western Dakota Tech 

(IPEDS 2016-2017 Fall Enrollment Survey)

Enrolled for Credit Fall 2016
Nonresident Alien
0 0 0
Hispanic/Latino 18
18 23 27
American Indian or Alaska Native 38
38 47 63
Asian 2
5 4 9
Black 7
5 9 5
Native Hawaiian or Other Pacific Islander 3
2 3 3
White 279
216 367 400
Two or more races 3 3 7 12
Race unknown 1
15 9 18
302 469 537
GRAND TOTAL (men + women) 653 1,006

Pell Grant Recipients at Western Dakota Tech 

(IPEDS 2016-2017 Student Financial Aid Survey)

Students Who Received a Pell GrantNumber of StudentsPercentage of Students
All Students (Fall 2015)
First-Time, Full-Time Degree-Seeking Students (Fall 2015)

Students Who Did Not Receive a Pell Grant
Recipients of a subsidized Stafford Loan who did not receive a Pell Grant  (Fall 2015)
Students who did not receive a subsidized Stafford Loan or a Pell Grant (Fall 2015)

Non-Traditional Students at Western Dakota Tech 
Student TypePercentage of Student Body
Over the age of 22 39.55%
1st Generation 35.09%
Single Parent 16.28%
Minority 12.39%
Displaced Homemaker 6.41%
Enrolled in Gender Under-represented Program 4.97%
Students In At Least One Non-Traditional Category 53.53%

What is a Non-Traditional Student?

You may be considered a non-traditional student if you are a:

  • Non-traditional aged student – person over 22 years of age.
  • First Generation College Student – person whose parents did not complete any type of postsecondary education.
  • Single Parent – person who has dependent children and is not married.
  • Minority Student – person of an ethnic minority background.
  • Displaced Homemaker – person who has been a homemaker and is re-entering the workforce.
  • Student Enrolled in a Gender Under-represented Program – person enrolled a program that is traditionally chosen by members of the opposite sex.

Western Dakota Tech recognizes that each student faces a very different set circumstances and obstacles. We are committed to helping each and every student achieve their higher education and career goals. Every student at Western Dakota Tech is assigned a Student Success Coach to help navigate challenges from day one until graduation.

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