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Student COVID-19 Information

Western Dakota Technical College's (WDTC) current student COVID-19 protocol:

The Black Hills Area is currently considered an area of high spread according to the South Dakota Department of Health. Therefore, the below recommendations are highly encouraged:

  • Get your COVID-19 Vaccine - This will assist with slowing the community spread
  • Wash your hands, sanitize, and keep your distance if and when possible

If you find yourself in any of the below scenarios, please follow these instructions:

  • Test Positive for COVID-19 - Stay home and isolate for 5 days as required by the South Dakota Department of Health and your medical provider; contact each of your instructors as soon as possible. Each instructor will have unique policies regarding their make-up policy. You can return to campus as determined by your medical provider.
    • Continue to wear a mask through day 10
  • Come into close contact with a positive case of COVID-19
    • Test for COVID-19 after day 6; Take home COVID tests are available for you to pick up at the Student Success Center front desk. We recommend picking up a couple to have on hand should you need them
      • If you test negative, continue to monitor symptoms through day 10
    • Be aware of possible symptoms which include fever (100.4 or greater), cough, or shortness of breath
    • Wear a mask for up to 10 days after you have been exposed
  • Contact the Monument Triage Line should you have any questions: 605-755-1350
  • More information on isolation and precautions can be found on the CDC website.

To get your COVID-19 Vaccine, the below locations are available:

To stay updated on COVID-19 cases, vaccines, and healthcare providers, you can go directly to the South Dakota Department of Health ( If you have any questions regarding your symptoms, if you should attend classes or be in public, or any other COVID-19 related items, please contact your medical provider directly or the Monument Triage Line. 

Thank you for your cooperation and we are looking forward to a safe and healthy semester!

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