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Student COVID-19 Information

Western Dakota Technical College's (WDT) current student COVID-19 protocol:
  • Reporting COVID-19-like symptoms:
    • Students who are fully vaccinated (including the two-week window after the final dose) will no longer be required to report COVID-19 symptoms or close contacts with someone with COVID-19.
    • Students who are not vaccinated or in the process of completing their full vaccination (including the two-week window after the final dose) will continue reporting* COVID-19 symptoms and close contacts and will be required to test, isolate, and/or quarantine per CDC guidelines. (Reporting information below.)
  • Wearing masks/face coverings:
    • Masks will not be required on the WDT campus. Masks are strongly recommended for students who have not completed their vaccination process and are certainly optional for anyone at any time while on the WDT campus. We will continue making them available.
  • Social Distancing:
    • We will no longer be required to maintain six feet of space between people. It is recommended to maintain 3 feet of distance between people at this time.
  • Hand Washing:
    • No change with this requirement. We will maintain our handwashing and hand sanitizing protocols.
  • Sanitizing:
    • We will continue high levels of sanitizing, including sanitizing rooms and offices after a known COVID-19 case, as well as high levels of sanitizing in bathrooms and all other areas of campus.
If the situation with COVID-19 requires changes to the protocols listed above, students will be notified. Please continue to watch your student emails for any updates.

*COVID-19 reporting and for more information:
(Student privacy is very important and all applicable FERPA rules will be followed.)

          WDT Office of Institutional Effectiveness & Student Success

          Phone: (605) 718-2931 (Voicemails will go to the COVID email.)

COVID-19 Response Charts/Info

Below are links to two charts so students know when they required to stay off-campus and must contact the office listed above regarding COVID-19 – one chart is for those who are fully vaccinated (which means it has been two full weeks since your last required vaccination in your COVID-19 vaccination series) and the other is for those who are not fully-vaccinated (which means you have received no vaccination for COVID-19 or two weeks have not passed since the last required vaccination in your COVID-19 vaccination series). You will also find attached helpful guidance on COVID symptoms.

WDT Fully Vaccinated Student* COVID-19 Response

WDT STudent COVID-19 Response for Non-Vaccinated Students

Additional COVID-19 Information

Is it COVID Chart

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