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WDT Master Syllabi

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Course NumberCourse NameCredit Hours
ACCT120 Principles of Accounting I 3
ACCT121 Principles of Accounting II 3
ACCT212 Intermediate Accounting I 4
ACCT213 Intermediate Accounting II 4
ACCT215 Payroll Accounting 3
ACCT218 Tax Accounting I 3
ACCT223 Managerial Accounting 3
ACCT227 Excel for Accounting 3
ACCT228 QuickBooks Accounting 3
ACCT230 Topics and Issues in Accounting 3
ACCT281 Ethics in Accounting and Business 2
ACCT285 Optional Internship 1
ACCT290 Internship 2-3
BUS101 Introduction to Business 3
BUS115 Keyboarding 3
BUS120 Principles of Marketing 3
BUS129 Oral Communication in Business 3
BUS140 Business Law 3
BUS141 Written Communications for Business 3
BUS150 Advertising 3
BUS158 Web Design for Business 3
BUS160 Principles of Selling 3
BUS162 Project Management 3
BUS166 Digital Image Design for Business 3
BUS175 Records Management 3
BUS200 Office Procedures 3
BUS205 Social Media Marketing 3
BUS210 Supervisory Management 3
BUS215 Search Engine Marketing 3
BUS218 Design Essentials 3
BUS224 Personal Finance 3
BUS227 Writing for Social Media Marketing 3
BUS228 Personal Investments 3
BUS233 Small Business Entrepreneurship 3
BUS241 Advanced Computer Applications for Business 3
BUS250 Social Media Marketing Campaign 3
BUS255 Professionalism in Business 3
BUS291 Internship 3
CAD101 Drafting Fundamentals 3
CAD111 Architectural Drafting I 3
CAD135 Architectural Construction Theory I 3
CAD139 2D CAD 3
CAD141 Architectural 3D CAD 3
CAD142 Mechanical 3D CAD 3
CAD150 Architectural Print Reading 1
CAD202 Mechanical Drafting 3
CAD203 Principals of Commercial Theory I 3
CAD214 Introduction to Civil Drafting 3
CAD215 Light Commercial Construction w_Mechanical and Electrical 3
CAD232 Mechanical Principles 3
CAD234 Mechanical Print Reading 2
CAD237 Architectural Drafting II 3
CAD240 3D Architectural Design 3
CAD244 3D Engineering Design 3
CAD247 Computer Automated Manufacturing 3
CAD250 Introduction to Mapping GPS 2
CAD251 Introduction to GIS 3
CAD252 Introduction to Surveying 3
CAD297 Internship 3
CHEM106 Chemistry Survey 3
CHEM106L Chemistry Survey Lab 1
CIS105 Microcomputer Software Applications I 3
CIS122 Information Technology Hardware Software 6
CIS128 Cisco Academy Networking Technologies III 3
CIS129 Windows Operating System 3
CIS131 Networking Technologies I 3
CIS132 Networking Technologies II 3
CIS133 Networking Technologies III 3
CIS134 Networking Technologies IV 3
CIS135 Cisco Academy Networking Technologies IV 3
CIS211 Linux Operating Systems 3
CIS213 Networking Using Windows Server 3
CIS215 Network Design and Virtualization 3
CIS216 Introduction To Programming 3
CIS218 Linux Server 3
CIS219 Advanced Server Technologies 3
CIS220 Network Security I 3
CIS225 Databases 3
CIS230 Computer Forensics 3
CIS235 Network Security II 3
CJUS200 Community Corrections 3
CJUS205 Criminal Justice Forensics 3
CJUS210 Contemporary Security Practices 3
CJUS215 Ethics in Criminal Justice 3
CJUS220  Terrorism and Counterterrorism 3
CJUS225 Domestic Violence 3
CJUS230 Agency Organization and Management 3
CJUS235  Criminology 3
CJUS240 Court Systems and Practices 3
CJUS245 Law Enforcement Operations and Procedures 3
DEN110 Dental Sciences 2
DEN115 Dental Sciences Lab 1
DEN120 Dental Radiography 2
DEN125 Oral Embryology and Histology 2
DEN130 Dental Materials and Instrumentation 2
DEN135 Dental Radiography Lab Dental Radiography Lab 2
DEN140 Introduction to Clinical Practice 1
DEN150 Preclinical Dental Sciences 2
DEN152 Dental Sciences Expanded Functions Lab 1
DEN175 Dental Clinical Practice 8
ECON202 Principles of Macroeconomics 3
EET102 Introduction to Environmental Sciences 4
EET103 Environmental Instrumentation 4
EET106 Introductory Field Methods 3
EET202 Water Quality 3
EET203 Environmental Hazmat Awareness 2
EET204 Environmental Regulations 2
EET222 Introduction to Wastewater Technologies 3
EET225 Air Quality 2
EET235 Construction Materials Sampling Testing 3
EET250 Soils Testing 3
EET251 Environmental Geology 3
EET253 Principles of Water Resources 3
EET255 Introduction to Geomorphology 3
EET298 Technical Cooperative Work Experience 3
EET299 Field Internship 2
ELT217 Computer Hardware Installation and Troubleshooting 4
EMT105 Emergency Medical Technician 6
EMT105L Emergency Medical Technician Lab 3
ENGL091 Basic Writing 2
ENGL101 Composition 3
ENGL102 Career Communications 2
ENGL201 Technical Writing I 3
ENGL202 Technical Communications 3
FFP105 Paramedic Preparatory II 2
FFP110 Paramedic Assessment 2
FFP115 Paramedic Cardiology 5
FFP120 Paramedic Preparatory I 4
FFP125 Paramedic Medical 3
FFP130 Paramedic Special Operations I 2
FFP215 Paramedic Special Operations II 5
FFP280 Paramedic Clinical I 2
FFP281 Paramedic Clinical II 4
FFP282 Paramedic Clinical III 10
FFT110 Building Construction 3
FFT116 Hazardous Materials Operations 3
FFT121 Structural Firefighter I 3
FFT122 Structural Firefighter I Lab 3
FFT123 Introduction to Wildland Firefighter 3
FFT140 Physical Fitness I 1
FFT150 Pumping Apparatus Driver Operator 3
FFT151 Wildland Pumps and Saws 2
FFT190 Physical Fitness II 1
FFT215 Wildland Urban Interface Fire Suppression and Prevention 3
FFT218 Strategy and Tactics 3
FFT230 Rescue Practices for the Fire Service 3
FFT232 Structural Firefighter II 3
FFT233 Fire Causes and Investigation 3
FFT234 Rescue Practices for the Fire Service 4
FFT240 Physical Fitness III 1
FFT290 Physical Fitness IV 1
FFT298 Internship 3
HC114 Anatomy and Physiology for the Health Professions 3
HC124 Introduction to Patient Care 1
HC126 Introduction to Patient Care Lab and Clinical 2
HC130 Medical Computerized Office Applications 2
HC135 Medical Law and Ethics 2
HC145 Electronic Health Records 2
HC200 Pharmacology for Healthcare 3
HC205 Professionalism in Healthcare 1
HC213 Medical Terminology I 3
HC215 Medical Terminology II 3
HC225 Pathophysiology 3
HVAC121 Electrical Applications for HVAC I 4
HVAC125 HVAC Installation I 3
HVAC126 HVAC Installation I Lab 4
HVAC135 Electrical Applications for HVAC II 3
HVAC145 HVAC Installation II 3
HVAC146 HVAC Installation II Lab 4
HVAC221 HVAC R I Lab 4
HVAC225 Electrical Applications for HVAC R III 3
HVAC235 Electrical Applications for HVAC R IV 3
HVAC240 Specialized HVAC R Equipment 2
IEL122 Electrical Code Study I 3
IEL123 Industrial Data Communication 2
IEL129 Introduction to Electrical Wiring Lab 1
IEL130 Introduction to Electrical Wiring 2
IEL132 Electrical Fundamentals 5
IEL133 Electrical Fundamentals Lab 7
IEL135 Basic Electrical Materials and Devices 1
IEL140 Welding and Fabrication for Light Commercial Applications 2
IEL211 Electrical Motor Control 3
IEL213 Electrical Heating and Appliances 2
IEL214 Electrical Code Study II 2
IEL216 Electrical Motor Control Lab 2
IEL218 Wiring Lab I 3
IEL220 Wiring Lab II 3
IEL221 Programmable Logic Controllers 2
IEL222 PLC Labs 3
IEL223 Electrical Motor Lab 1
IEL224 Power Distribution 2
IEL226 Electrical Motor Fundamentals and Maintenance 2
IEL230 Blueprint Reading, Electrical Planning and Estimating 4
IEL299 Electrician Internship–Co-op 6
INT299 Internship 3
LET117 Industry Standards 0
LET119 Criminal Law and Procedures 3
LET121 Criminal Investigations 4
LET122 Interview and Interrogation-Report Writing 3
LET124 Juvenile Methods 3
LET126 Physical Training 1
LET127 Industry Standards 0
LET128 Mechanics of Arrest and Physical Training 3
LET210 Introduction to Criminal Justice 3
LET212 Accident Investigations 2
LET215 Collection and Preservation of Evidence 3
LET216 Physical Training 1
LET217 Industry Standards 0
LET218 Patrol Procedures I 3
LET222 Advanced Issues In Policing 2
LET224 Law Enforcement Practicum 2
LET226 Physical Training 1
LET227 Industry Standards 0
LET229 Corrections 3
LET230 Patrol Procedures II 3
LET232 Technology in Law Enforcement 2
LET240 Constitutional Law for Law Enforcement 3
LET251 Firearms Training 2
LET255 Emergency Vehicle Operation Course 3
LIBR100 Introduction to Library Services 3
LIBR102 Intro to Library Circulation and Customer Service 3
LIBR104 Public Services for Library Technicians 3
LIBR125 Outreach Services to Diverse Populations 3
LIBR122 Children’s and Young Adult Literature 3
LIBR200 Introduction to Technical Services Acquisitions Serials and Processing 3
LIBR202 Content Creation and Mobile Library Services 3
LIBR204 Selection and Access Resources 3
LIBR220 Introduction to Cataloging and Classification 3
LIBR222 Reference Resources 3
LIBR224 Technology Information Resources & Online Social Networking 3
LIBR299 Internship 3
MA210 Medical Assisting I 3
MA214 Medical Assisting I Clinical 1
MA215 Phlebotomy and Lab Techniques for the Medical Assistant 4
MA250 Medical Assisting II 3
MA253 Medical Assisting II Lab and Clinical 5
MACH110 Machine Shop Operations 3
MACH115 Turning Theory and Operations I 3
MACH120 Milling Theory and Operations I 3
MACH125 Mechanical Blueprint Reading 3
MACH130 Materials Applications 3
MACH135 Turning Theory and Operations II 3
MACH140 Milling Theory and Operations II 3
MACH145 Applied CAD Fundamentals 3
MATH090 Basic Mathematics 2
MATH100 Elementary Algebra 3
MATH101 Intermediate Algebra 3
MATH102 College Algebra 3
MATH104 Technical Mathematics 3
MATH112 Business Mathematics 3
MATH120 Trigonometry 3
MDS210 Healthcare Coding I 4
MDS211 Healthcare Coding II 3
MDS212 Health Care Fundamentals and Reimbursement 3
MDS250 Advanced Coding 2
MDS299 Internship 3
MLT205 Immunology 3
MLT210 Clinical Chemistry 4
MLT215 Immunohematology 4
MLT220 Urinalysis & Body Fluids 3
MLT230 Hematology/Coagulation 4
MLT240 Microbiology/Parasitology/Mycology 4
MLT275 Medical Laboratory Technician Clinical 12
MLT280 Medical Laboratory Technician Certification Review 1
MTS102 Medical Transcription I 3
MTS124 Disease Processes I 3
MTS214 Disease Processes II 3
NRS100 Fundamental Skills Lab 1
NRS105 Fundamental Nursing Practice I 3
NRS110 Fundamental Nursing Practice II 2
NRS115 Fundamental Nursing Practice III 2
NRS121 Fundamental Nursing Clinical I & II 4
NRS130 Fundamental Nursing Clinical III 1
NRS135 Transitional Nursing 2
NRS200 Advanced Skills Lab 1
NRS205 Advanced Nursing Practice I 3
NRS210 Advanced Nursing Practice II 2
NRS215 Advanced Nursing Practice III 2
NRS221 Advanced Nursing Clinical I & II 4
NRS230 Advanced Nursing Clinical III 1
NRS235 Advanced Nursing Clinical IV 2
PH103 Phlebotomy Principles and Practices 3
PH105 Laboratory Assistant Techniques Lab 1
PH125 Phlebotomy Principles and Practices Lab 2
PH126 Laboratory Assistant Techniques 2
PH160 Phlebotomy Laboratory Assistant Clinicals 3
PHR110 Pharmacology Pharmaceutical Products I 3
PHR111 Pharmacy I 3
PHR113 Pharmacy Operations Lab 2
PHR121 Pharmacology Pharmaceutical Products II 3
PHR122 Pharmacy Law and Ethics 2
PHR127 Pharmacy Calculations 2
PHR129 Pharmacy II 2
PHR130 Pharmacy Practical Lab 1
PHR131 Clinical Rotations 8
PHR200 Rx Abbreviations Sig Decoding 2
PHR205 Pharmacokinetics Pharmacodynamics 3
PHR210 US Healthcare and Medical Insurance 3
PLU150 Plumbing Theory I 3
PLU155 Plumbing Theory I Lab 4
PLU160 Plumbing Code 3
PLU165 Plumbing Print Reading & Drafting 2
PLU170 Plumbing Theory II 3
PLU175 Plumbing Theory II Lab 4
PLU180 Plumbing Fixtures & Repair 2
PLU185 Plumbing Fixtures & Repair Lab 3
PSYC101 General Psychology 3
PSYC103 Human Relations in the Workplace 3
SOC100 Introduction to Sociology 3
SPCM101 Fundamentals of Speech 3
ST102 Introduction to Surgical Technology 3
ST111 Introduction to Surgical Technology Lab 3
ST128 Surgical Pharmacology 2
ST130 Surgical Procedures I 3
ST131 Principles and Practices of Surgical Technology I 3
ST230 Surgical Procedures II 3
ST231 Principles and Practices of Surgical Technology II 3
ST250 Surgical Technology Clinicals 13
ST251 Surgical Technology Certification Review 1
TTT110 Vehicle Electricity and Electronics 4
TTT112 Vehicle Electricity and Electronics Lab 6
TTT115 Engine Construction and Operation 3
TTT120 Shop and Parts Management 1
TTT121 Introduction to Hybrids 1
TTT122 Chassis Wiring 1
TTT125 Engine Performance 4
TTT126 Engine Performance Lab 6
TTT129 Welding and Equipment 2
TTT130 Preventative Maintenance 3
TTT200 Transportation HVAC 3
TTT201 Under Car Diagnosis 3
TTT204 Engine Overhaul 4
TTT205 Under Car Diagnosis Lab 5
TTT210 Under Truck Diagnosis 3
TTT211 Heavy Duty Drivetrains 4
TTT212 Diesel Engines 5
TTT215 Hydraulics 3
TTT222 Light Duty Drivetrains 4
TTT223 Light Duty Drivetrains Lab 6
TTT240 Under Truck Diagnosis Lab 5
TTT299 Internship 3
WDM104 Fabrication I 3
WDM105 Oxy Fuel Welding Cutting 3
WDM150 Shielded Metal Arc Welding II 3
WDM 151 Gas Metal Arc Welding II 3
WDM 152 Fabrication II 3
WDM 153 Gas Tungsten Arc Welding I 3
WDM 201 Gas Tungsten Arc Welding II 3
WDM 202 Fabrication III 3
WDM 203 Gas Metal Arc Welding III 3
WDM 204 Shielded Metal Arc Welding III 3
WDM 252 Fabrication IV 3
WDM 253 Gas Metal Arc Welding IV 3
WDM 254 Shielded Metal Arc Welding IV 3
WDM 255 Welding Capstone 3

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