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Computer-Aided Drafting students have front-row seats


Google Goggles may not have been the technological breakthrough some were hoping for, but one instructor at Western Dakota Tech is finding a similar technology incredibly useful.

Computer-Aided Drafting instructor James Loverich is using Pivothead glasses to record demonstrations and improve lab time. The glasses contain a camera that allows Loverich to capture his point of view and post it online for students.

"I'm essentially flipping the class. Instead of doing my demonstrations in class, the students watch them before they even step into the lab," Loverich said. "This way the students can spend less time watching and more time practicing skills in the lab."

Loverich says the videos allow every student to have a front-row view of the demonstration. They are able to re-watch sections they may be struggling with, and there is no classroom distraction to hinder learning. The students them come to class prepared and can spend more time working on projects and asking specific questions.

Loverich has used similar technology in previous courses with screen capture recording. This is the first semester he has delved into action video recording. He uses the glasses for his Computer Automated Manufacturing course which require lots of hands-on demos.

The response from students has been very positive. The extra lab time allows for more skill-based practice and students are able to dig deeper into projects.

Computer-Aided Drafters are in-demand in the industry. Recent graduates of the Western Dakota Tech Computer-Aided Drafting program are employed by Caterpillar Black hills Engineering, Design Center, 4Front Design, Britton Engineering, Spirit Air, and other businesses.

For more information about the Computer-Aided Drafting program, click here.

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