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Local businesses donate 7,000 feet of electrical conduit


The Western Dakota Tech Electrical Trades program received a generous donation this week from Muth Electric and Border States Electric.

One bale of half-inch EMT electrical conduit was given to the program by the two companies. One bale is the equivalent of 7,000 feet of conduit, a total cost of $1,372.

A representative from Muth Electric said the donation was made to show support for the Electrical Trades program and help students get as much hands-on training as possible while still in school.

"Muth Electric and Border States have a great contractor to supplier relationship," Paul Mayer, Muth Electric Division Manager, said. "We see the value of what this donation will bring to the students that come out of the Electrical Program at WDT."

Mayer said Muth Electric is a regular employer of Western Dakota Tech graduates.

"We have been lucky to have anywhere from two to four graduates a year, for many years, come and work for our company," Mayer said. "WDT has always provided us with a great pool of applicants over the years."

Electrical conduit is used to protect and route electrical wiring. Students will use the donated conduit to gain experience in the lab.

"Conduit bending is truly one of the fundamental tasks of the electrical construction industry," Western Dakota Tech Electrical Trades Instructor Scot Dannenbring said. "The students will use the conduit to practice bending stub bends, back to back bends, offset bends, three point saddle bends, and four point saddles."

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