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A grisly murder at Western Dakota Tech was the perfect opportunity for Criminal Justice students to jump into the world of forensic science, but don't be alarmed! The murder was, of course, a staged simulation.

Criminal Justice Instructor, Richard Bleil, used a fake body and planted evidence that gives clues to the murder of "Hanna," a paper-stuffed mannequin. Students surveyed the scene and collected evidence to support their theories of what happened.

Hanna's murder will be a semester-long project. Students will focus on various elements of the investigation process each week. Hands-on experience and discussion about the investigation will teach students the skills necessary to navigate a crime-scene as criminal justice professionals.

The Forensics course explores how specific technologies are used by professionals in the criminal justice system to apprehend offenders, secure convictions on the guilty, and exonerate the innocent. Students gain perspective on the every-changing forensic practices of the criminal justice system and the impact to society.

For more information about the Criminal Justice program, click here.

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