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WDT Fall 2020 Dean's List Announced

Western Dakota Tech congratulates the 222 students named to the Fall 2020 Dean's List. To qualify, students must earn a grade point average of 3.5 or higher for a minimum of 12 credit hours in a given semester.

Students are listed by state beginning with South Dakota, then city, last name alphabetically, and program.


Belle Fourche - Seth Dahlvang, Electrical Trades; Nadine Mart, Surgical Technology; Elizabeth Soard, Practical Nursing.

Bison – Shawna, Kolb, Diesel Technology.

Black Hawk - Earl Cornett, HVAC/R Technology; Koby Emeline, Computer Science-Information Technology Specialist; Andrew Neilan, Diesel Technology; Mitchel Painter, Drafting and Machining; Technology; Jessica Painter, Health Information Management; and Chandler Sutherland, Business and Technology; Nicolette Thomson, Criminal Justice.  

Box Elder – Brittany Beam Environmental Engineering Technician; Aeden Broz, Dual Enrollment; Michele Fisher, Environmental Engineering Technician; Travis Gere, Welding and Fabrication; Dusty Hagen, Business and Technology; Bailey Hanson, Construction Technology; Chauncey Hauptman, Criminal Justice - Law Enforcement Emphasis; Hallee Hodges, Practical Nursing; Melanie Kilburn, Business and Technology; Josiah Kilburn, Dual Enrollment; Jose Lawler, HVAC/R Technology; Mercedes McNett, Library Technician; Justin Miller, Business and Technology; Delwin Millhouse, Electrical Trades; Emily Moore, Criminal Justice; Teesha Nielson, Computer-Aided Design; Thomas Scheving, Automotive Technology; Dawn Taggart, Accounting; Matthew Wogerman, Welding and Fabrication.

Buffalo – Kylie, Teller, Business and Technology.

Buffalo Gap – Diana Allison, Allied Health.

Custer – Amber Charles, Practical Nursing; Talitha  Jones, Medical Laboratory Technician.

Deadwood – Jessica Addington, Medical Laboratory Technician.

Dupree – Adrianna White Wolf, Dental Assisting.

Edgemont – Jessie Stearns, Practical Nursing.

Ellsworth Air Force Base – Katrina Burns, Practical Nursing.

Hermosa – Tina Duran, Environmental Engineering Technician; Edward Lesnick, Plumbing Technology; Lexus Peters, Business and Technology.

Hot Springs – Wyatt Kreilaus, Electrical Trades; Raven Rush, Practical Nursing.

Isabel - Amy Taylor, Business and Technology.

Kadoka – Brennan Kukal, Welding and Fabrication; Landon Schofield, Surgical Technology.

Keystone – Devyn Conaway, Library Technician; Amanda McNeary, Environmental Engineering Technician.

Lead - Christopher  Murray, Electrical Trades.

Meadow – Teigan Clark, Electrical Trades.

Mobridge – Alexis Sjomeling, Accounting.

Mud Butte – William Anderson, Electrical Trades.

New Underwood – Joseph Lasseter, Dual Enrollment.

Newell – Anthony Simonson, Diesel Technology.

Oglala - Genevieve Crow, Paramedic.

Phillip - Huaquin Elisha Laurido, Computer Science-Information Technology Specialist; Chelsea   Tobin, Accounting.

Piedmont – MaKayla Fox, Dental Assisting; Ryan Jerke, Computer Science-Information Technology Specialist; Grant Johnson, Environmental Engineering Technician; Jazlyn Kleinschmit-Millhouse, Criminal Justice - Law Enforcement Emphasis; Mason Nash, Computer-Aided Design; Brenda O'Grady, Business and Technology; Antigone Pauling, Accounting; Alexandra Schmitz, Criminal Justice.

Pierre – Ethan Falcon, Business and Technology.

Pine Ridge – Shawn Holy Rock,  Welding and Fabrication.

Rapid City – Michael Hansen, Plumbing Technology; Joseph Amiotte, Medical Laboratory Technician; Lance Andersen, Criminal Justice - Law Enforcement Emphasis; Rebecca Anderson, Business and Technology; Bradley Anderson, Computer Science-Information Technology Specialist; Alexandria Anderson, Medical Laboratory Technician; Ryver Anderson-Hansen,  Health Information Management; Rachael Armour, Library Technician; Michael Bay, Criminal Justice - Law Enforcement Emphasis; Joseph Beck, Surgical Technology; Emma Bernard, Business – Hospitality; Weston Bettelyoun, Criminal Justice - Law Enforcement Emphasis; Matthew Bicskei, HVAC/R Technology; Casey Bifulco, Environmental Engineering Technician; Somer Binfet Graves, Dental Assisting; Ethan Bishop, Criminal Justice - Law Enforcement Emphasis; Annabelle Bowers, Dental Assisting; Craig Buckley, Computer-Aided Design; Alexis Burtzlaff, Practical Nursing; Kyler Carda, Criminal Justice - Law Enforcement Emphasis; Danielle Carlin, Criminal Justice - Law Enforcement Emphasis; Amber Casteel, Dental Assisting; Michael Chasing Horse, Criminal Justice - Law Enforcement Emphasis; Bethany Coleman, Allied Health; Blaze Colombe, Paramedic; Carson Conlee, Electrical Trades; Travis Cookson, Criminal Justice - Law Enforcement Emphasis; Kindra Denny, Computer-Aided Design; Alyssa Dikoff, Construction Technology; Stephanie Dockter, Criminal Justice; Jade Edwards, Drafting and Machining Technology; Kenneth Eisenbraun, Library Technician; Tanner Ellefson, Welding and Fabrication; James Farr, Registered Nursing; Cassandra Fitting, Paramedic; Raquel Freeman, Accounting; Joshua Galster, Criminal Justice - Law Enforcement Emphasis; Natalie Geary, Environmental Engineering Technician; Kevin Gehris, Electrical Trades; Sheridan Gerdes, Business and Technology; John Gilley, Accounting; Megan Glessner, Surgical Technology; Teasa Goodman, Medical Laboratory Technician; Raina Grace, Criminal Justice; Raelynn Graham, Medical Laboratory Technician; James Gray, Plumbing Technology; Kelly Gregson, Health Information Management; Larissa Grinnell, Health Information Management; Aarian Haberstroh, Practical Nursing; Michael Hansen, Computer-Aided Design;Caleb Hansen, HVAC/R Technology; Stephen Heckman,  Computer-Aided Design; Gabriel Herman, Computer Science-Information Technology Specialist; Taven Hauf, Welding and Fabrication; Brennan Holloway, Paramedic; Sadie Hoyt, Dental Assisting; Ryan Hukill, Welding and Fabrication; Chance Hunsaker, Plumbing Technology; Christian Hunter, HVAC/R Technology; Melissa Jennings, Accounting; Tanner Johnson, Electrical Trades; Angela Jung, Accounting; Tyler Kephart, Paramedic; Christin King, Surgical Technology; Dylan Kirkeby-Carlyle, Computer Science-Information Technology Specialist; Jacob Kjellerson, Computer-Aided Design; Damen Kraft, Welding and Fabrication; Ashley Lauen, Accounting; Barth Lippert, Automotive Technology; Adam Lirette, Plumbing Technology; Paul Lobato,  Electrical Trades; Mariah Mariano, Surgical Technology; Kassidy Marta, Paramedic; Carol Matt, Practical Nursing; Adriana McGregor, Allied Health; Mara Mechaley, Environmental Engineering Technician; Jadon  Mecham, Diesel Technology; Chehala Meyers, Allied Health; Cheyenne Meyers, Criminal Justice; Lizzette Meza, Environmental Engineering Technician; Natasha Milacek, Criminal Justice - Law Enforcement Emphasis; Julianna Miller, Library Technician; Mitch Mitchell, Accounting; Allison Mitchell, Library Technician; Miliria Mix, Criminal Justice; Hope Moran, Paramedic; Eddie Moua, Criminal Justice - Law Enforcement Emphasis; Jacob Mundt, Criminal Justice - Law Enforcement Emphasis; Laura Nabholz, Medical Laboratory Technician; Benjamin Parrow, Criminal Justice - Law Enforcement Emphasis; Cassandra Paulsen, Criminal Justice; Zachary Pelofske, Environmental Engineering Technician; Shelby Pierce, Dental Assisting; Paige Poulsen, Allied Health; Hailee  Proietti, Criminal Justice; Stephanie Rail, Business and Technology; TLana Red Cloud, Health Information Management; Victoria Rennell, Surgical Technology; Christopher Rivers, Automotive Technology; Antyjuan Rodriguez, Computer-Aided Design; Adrienne Salamun, Practical Nursing; Wayne Sayer, Welding and Fabrication; Cheyenne Schubert, Criminal Justice; Cheyenne Sharp, Environmental Engineering Technician; Mikayla Short, Dental Assisting; Kari Siebert, Accounting; Melissa Smith, Paramedic; Ava Speas, Allied Health; Tanner Spencer, Welding and Fabrication; Malakai Stevens, Electrical Trades; Jason Swanson, HVAC/R Technology; Nation Theis, Dual Enrollment; Mary Thorson, Computer Science-Information Technology Specialist; Randy Truax, Criminal Justice - Law Enforcement Emphasis; Dara Tucker, Criminal Justice; Anxhela Van Loan, Accounting; Thomas Vanlissel, Diesel Technology; Cera Walking Eagle, Criminal Justice - Law Enforcement Emphasis; Renae  Wetch, Practical Nursing; Daniel Whitney, Automotive Technology; Matt Williams, Diesel Technology; Shayla Wood, Allied Health; Kodi Yellow Boy, Criminal Justice - Law Enforcement Emphasis; Marie Zolnowsky, Computer-Aided Design.

Spearfish – Faith Bonde, Dental Assisting; Slater Earl, Computer Science-Information Technology Specialist; Mason Krier, Electrical Trades; Nina Li, Dental Assisting; Cameron Paisley, Welding and Fabrication; Bella Reid, Allied Health; Dalton Vaughn, Electrical Trades; Hunter Weaver, Welding and Fabrication.

St. Francis – Valerie Boltz, Accounting.

Sturgis – Beth Bachand, Criminal Justice - Law Enforcement Emphasis; Joe Baker, Computer Science-Information Technology Specialist; Shay Good, Plumbing Technology; Brook     Hanso, Computer Science-Information Technology Specialist; Luke Kitzmiller, Criminal Justice - Law Enforcement Emphasis; Jessica Lord, Environmental Engineering Technician; Rachel Nelson, Health Information Management; Noah Ross, Criminal Justice - Law Enforcement Emphasis; Courtney Sulzbach, Criminal Justice.

Summerset – Alanna Stevens, Criminal Justice.

Tyndall – Shelby Mach, Medical Laboratory Technician.

Wall - Tracie Crawford, Computer-Aided Design; Nathaniel Fox, Electrical Trades; Jeffrey Williamson, Practical Nursing.


Lawrenceville – Milton Torres, Plumbing Technology.


Homer – Gavin Hall - Paramedic; Springhill – Joseph Montondo, Paramedic.


Alexandria – Dylan Schmitz, Drafting and Machining Technology.


Gordon – Trendon Starr, Construction Technology; Rushville – Ryan Wellnitz, Computer-Aided Design.


Hettinger – Reece Williams, Electrical Trades.


Prairie du Chien – Collin Seeley, Environmental Engineering Technology.

About Western Dakota Tech

Western Dakota Tech was established in 1968 and is the only technical college serving the western South Dakota region.

Western Dakota Tech offers programs in a variety of fields, including Business and Computers, Construction and Manufacturing, Energy and Environmental Technologies, Health Sciences, Legal and Public Services, and Transportation Technologies.

Ninety-nine percent of Western Dakota Tech's most recent graduates are working, continuing their education, or are enlisted in the military. [Placement information is derived from graduate surveys, faculty-collected data, placement surveys started six months after graduation, and the South Dakota Department of Labor and Regulation. Overall placement rate is figured by: (responding graduates employed, continuing education, or in military service)/(responding graduates who are seeking employment). The number of program graduates are unduplicated by CIP code.]

Western Dakota Tech faculty, staff, and administration focus their efforts on helping students gain the skills and experiences they need to succeed. Through hands-on learning, internships, and industry partnerships, Western Dakota Tech students graduate ready to make a real and immediate contribution to their employers and to their communities.

For information about Western Dakota Tech, call (800) 544-8765 or (605) 718-2565 or send an email to Visit us on the web at

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