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Student Government Association

The 2018 Fall Semester Western Dakota Tech Student Government Association officers are:
      • President - Alissa Fendrick
      • Vice-President - Alisha Allen
      • Secretary - Tyra Soulek
      • Treasurer - Argentina Woods
      • Activity Coordinator - Sydney Word

The SGA Advisor is Rachel Skea. Meetings will take place at noon on Wednesdays in W254. Watch your email for dates.

SGA Officers 2018

L-R: Alissa Fendrick, President, Surgical Technology program; Alisha Allen, Vice President, Practical Nursing program; Tyra Soulek, Secretary, Criminal Justice/Law Enforcement program; and Argentina Woods, Treasurer, Practical Nursing program. Not pictured: Sydney Word, Activity Coordinator, Criminal Justice program.


We the Student Government Association are dedicated as a governing body to serving our individual students, their organizations, and the diverse community of Western Dakota Tech; fostering leadership, enhancing communication, and supporting an interactive and successful college experience.


The Western Dakota Tech Student Government Association supports and serves the Western Dakota Tech community through:

      • community building activities and events.
      • facilitating communication between Western Dakota Tech students, staff, and the Board of Education.
      • providing developmental opportunities and training for students.
      • the responsible and equitable management of Western Dakota Tech Student Activity Funds.
      • recognizing the establishment of the Western Dakota Tech student clubs and organizations.
      • assisting and supporting Western Dakota Tech student clubs and organizations to effectively meet their goals and initiatives.
      • the support of campus-wide student-driven initiatives.


President and Vice President Responsibilities

Article V: Officers

Section I
The officers of the SGA shall consist of:
Duties and powers of the President:

      • Represent the Student Government Association on campus and in the community
      • Ensure that the organization is operating in conformity with the standards set forth by Western Dakota Tech and the Student Government Association Constitution and Bylaws
      • Preside over meetings and create meeting agendas; call special meetings when necessary
      • Address student complaints, suggestions, problems, and ideas
      • Hold regular meetings with the WDT administration to discuss student issues and concerns
      • Maintain communication with organization advisor
      • Attend Rapid City Board of Education meetings three times a year to give SGA report
      • Initiate discussion on issues and measures relevant to the institution and SGA constituents
      • Attend WDT and SGA functions, ceremonies, and events Serve as a member of the SGA Executive Board Serve as co-signer for SGA account
      • Other duties as assigned

Vice President
Duties and powers of the Vice President:

      • Assist the President in his/her duties
      • Preside over meetings in the President’s absence
      • Communicate/Coordinate activities and events of WDT community and the Rapid City community at large
      • Present VP Report of activities and events at SGA Meetings
      • Assist Activities Coordinator
      • Serve as member of the SGA Executive Board
      • Other duties as assigned


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