Student Handbook

student handbookWelcome to the WDT Student Handbook. Using the links below, you can download the entire Student Handbook or just the sections you need.

The Student Handbook is your official policy and procedures guide. It outlines the rules and regulations the staff and faculty follow to assure all students are given equal and fair access to the services provided at WDT. It will help guide you to answers concerning satisfactory progress, graduation requirements, emergency contact information, student code of conduct, and where to go and who can help answer questions.

The Student Handbook should not be considered a contract between Western Dakota Tech and any prospective student. As much as possible, WDT strives to be 100 percent accurate. However, Western Dakota Tech reserves the right to modify Student Handbook content according to current conditions without notice.

Current Student Handbook

2014-2015 Student Handbook (entire document)

SECTION 1 Limits of Handbook Information, Non-Discrimination Statement, Accreditation, Mission

SECTION 2 Services to Students

SECTION 3 Student Accountability

SECTION 4  Tobacco, Alcohol, and Drug Policies

SECTION 5 Campus Safety

SECTION 6 General Information

SECTION 7 Registration Guidelines

SECTION 8 Student Achievement

SECTION 9  Student Records

SECTION 10 Computer Information

SECTION 11 Policies and Procedures

Student Handbook Archive

2013-2014 Student Handbook

2012-2013 Student Handbook

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