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There is an in-person option and virtual option for these classes. In-person class size is limited. Bee suits and gloves will be needed to participate in hands-on sessions. Class cost is $100.00 per person.

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Dates Description Time
January 2023 Natural Beekeeping January 9-13, 2023

The goal of this course is to introduce alternative methods of beekeeping that, as best we can, emulates how bees naturally occur in nature, while at the same time promotes the practices that qualifies us as beekeepers, not just people with a hive in the back yard. This course is designed to introduce the beekeeper the modified methods of beekeeping and the use of the Langstroth Natural Hive; Layens Hives, and the Foothills Top Bar Hive.

No Prerequisites to attend this course. There is no hands-on session in this course.

Classes will be from 6:30pm-9:00pm each night.
In person class with option to participate virtually.

March 2023 Basic Beekeeping

March 27-31, 2023

Learn the basics of keeping honey bees, including considerations to get started, bee biology, major tasks centered on each “bee season”, an introduction to recognizing and treating common honey bee ailments and pests and experience hands-on training in the WDT apiary. The hands-on portion will include inspections, mite treatments and winterizing your apiary hives. By the end of this course, students will receive the basic knowledge to successfully manage and overwinter your colony.

No Prerequisites to attend the basic course.  

Classes will be from 6:30pm-9:00pm each night. No Saturday class in March*
In person class with option to participate virtually.

*Saturday's class will be held in conjunction with the Advanced Beekeeping class on Saturday, May 13th.

May 2023 Advanced Beekeeping
May 8-13, 2023

The Advance Beekeeping expands on the knowledge received during the basic beekeeping course and focuses on the details of colony management: Pest and Disease Treatments, queen management and Supplemental Feeding. It also includes instruction on the honey bee’s internal anatomy, bee subspecies and reproduction and how to expand (hive splitting) and self-sustaining your apiary. The hands-on session will include deliberate hive inspections and hive splitting using several easy and effective techniques.  

To attend the Saturday hands-on portion of this course, you must have a bee suit with veil and gloves and sign the WDTC Liability Waiver.  

Must be a graduate of Basic Beekeeping to attend.
Classes will be from 6:30pm-9:00pm each night. Saturday (based on weather) 9:00am-11:30am
In person class with option to participate virtually.
A Buzz in the Black Hills Conference

2023 Conference
Saturday, February 18, 2023
8:00am - 3:00pm
Cost to attend: $35.00
Sponsored by WDTC Environmental Club and DRB Beekeeping and Supplies, LLC. 

This in person and virtual beekeeping conference is for all levels of Beekeepers. This year’s conference theme will be posted soon!

Tentative Primary Speakers:  TBD

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