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Board of Directors

Executive Committee

The Executive Committee consists of the Chair, Vice Chair, Secretary and Treasurer of the Foundation Board. This Committee exists to discuss membership of the Western Dakota Tech Foundation and look for strategic prospective members in the community.

Chair- Shawn Gab; Vice-Chair – Gloria Pluimer; Treasurer – Jon Gillam; Secretary – Jennifer Baloun; & Foundation Director – Danita Simons.

Foundation Members

Chair Shawn Gab
Tri-Tech Manufacturing
Second term expires 6/20
Vice Chair Gloria Pluimer
Black Hills Special Services
Second term expires 6/20
Secretary Jennifer Baloun
Bank West
First term expires 6/21
Treasurer Jon Gillam
Eddie’s Truck Center
Second term expires 6/19
Member Jennifer Irving
Thunder Valley CDC
First term expires 6/21
Member Matthew Koupal
Black Hills Energy
First term expires 6/22
Member Veronica Kusser
West River Electric Association
First term expires 6/22
Member Jonathan McCoy
Costello, Porter, Hill Helsterkamp, Bushnell & Carpenter, LLP
First term expires 6/22
Member Tresha Moreland
Rapid City Regional Hospital
First term expires 6/21
Member Lori Raczynski
Granite Automotive
First term expires 6/22

Ex-Officio Members

Western Dakota Tech President Dr. Ann Bolman
Western Dakota Tech Foundation Director Danita Simons
RCAS Board Member Mike Roesler
RCAS Board Member

Curt Pochardt

Committees and Membership

Executive Planning Committee

The Strategic Planning Committee consists of the Chair and two additional board members, meeting monthly with the Western Dakota Tech President, the Dean of Accreditation and Advancement, and the Foundation Development Director.  The purpose of this committee is for the Board members and School Administration in strategy and communication regarding the vision of Western Dakota Tech, the fundraising needs of the college, fundraising strategy, roles and responsibilities of the college, the foundation, and the foundation board.

Chair – Shawn Gab, Scott Barbour, Jon Gillam, Dick Johnson, Gloria Pluimer, Dr. Ann Bolman, Danita Simons

Finance Committee

The finance committee will consist of the Treasurer who will act as the Chair of this committee, the Chair of the Foundation board, and at least two other board members. This committee will prepare and review an annual budget, as well as review monthly profit and loss statements. Oversight of the financial records, as well as management of the current accounts and scholarships in place with the Foundation. This committee meets monthly, the 2nd Tuesday of each month.

Chair – Dick Johnson, Jennifer Baloun, Scott Barbour, Shawn Gab, Jon Gillam, Danita Simons

Networking & Special Events Committee

The networking & special events committee consists of at least 3 board members. This committee meets together monthly to discuss special events to be hosted by the foundation or board members, for the purpose of bringing awareness to Western Dakota Tech, bringing awareness in the community of the Foundation, and/or for the purpose of raising funds.  This committee also works together to come up with strategic members of the community that the Foundation Director should meet with, either one-on-one or invite to one of our events.

Chair – Gloria Pluimer, Shawn Gab, Jon Gillam, Terri Haverly, Jennifer Irving, Danita Simons

Membership & Nominating Committee

One Board Member designated as Chair and other members designated as needed to review Board membership and recommend, recruit and present nominations to the Board to fill vacancies and/or expand the board. The Committee will also bring forth a slate of Officers each January for nomination. Nominations from the floor will also be accepted. Elections will take place as first order of business at the April meeting.

Chair – Shawn Gab, Tresha Moreland, Gloria Pluimer, Danita Simons

Western Dakota Tech Foundation:


Generating resources for Western Dakota Tech in support of students and workforce development.


Thriving communities driven by a highly skilled workforce


  1. Commitment: We are committed to serving donors, students, the college and our communities professionally and enthusiastically. We are dedicated to success through personal and group accountability and passion for our
  1. Integrity: We are fiscally responsible. Transparent and accountable. We operate according to the highest ethical standards. We “Do the Right Thing, Always”.
  1. Collaboration: We believe that teamwork, inclusion and mutual respect are the building blocks of success. We seek diverse partners to advance educational excellence and academic success at Western Dakota
  1. Innovation: We proactively seek creative solutions to challenges and develop innovative responses to opportunities, always with a vision toward the
  1. Communication: We deliver timely, clear and effective information on a regular basis. We believe keeping stockholders informed and engaged, building trust, support and commitment to our mission.

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