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General Education

General Education Philosophy Statement

General Education at Western Dakota Technical College provides a foundation for study in the academic programs imparting broad knowledge and intellectual concepts to students and developing skills and attitudes that Western Dakota Technical College believes every college-educated person should possess. Students gain knowledge in the areas of social sciences, natural sciences, mathematics, communications, computers, as well as arts and humanities.  Courses support the institutional learning outcomes of critical thinking, technical knowledge and skills, communication, and professionalism.

Outcome Map

The Board of Regents (BOR) Transferable Courses

General Education Requirements

DIPLOMA PROGRAM REQUIREMENTS: Students pursuing a diploma program are required to complete a minimum of 6* general credits from a minimum of 2 of the below subject areas.
AAS DEGREE PROGRAM REQUIREMENTS: Students pursuing the associate of applied science degree program are required to complete a minimum of 15* general education credits from a minimum of 4 of the below subject areas.

Arts and Humanities

3 Credits Required*
HUM 100 Introduction to Humanities 3


3 Credits Required*
ENGL 101 Composition  3
ENGL 201 Composition II 3
ENGL 106 Workplace Composition I 3
ENGL 108 Workplace Composition II 3
SPCM 101 Fundamentals of Speech 3


3 Credits Required*
CIS 105 Microcomputer Software Applications I 3


3 Credits Required*
MATH 100 Elementary Algebra
MATH 101 Intermediate Algebra 3
MATH 104 Technical Mathematics 3
MATH 112 Business Mathematics 3
MATH 114 College Algebra 3
MATH 120 Trigonometry 3

Natural Sciences

4 Credits Required*
BIOL 101/101L Biology Survey I / Biology Survey I Lab 4
BIOL 231/231L General Microbiology / General Microbiology Lab 4
CHEM 106/106L Chemistry Survey / Chemistry Survey Lab 4

Social Sciences

3 Credits Required*
CJUS 201 Introduction to Criminal Justice 3
ECON 202 Principles of Macroeconomics online 3
PSYC 101 General Psychology 3
PSYC 103 Human Relations in the Workplace 3
SOC 100 Introduction to Sociology


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Institutional Learning Outcomes are essential employability characteristics that are comprised of transferable skills, attitudes, and abilities expected to be mastered by all WDTC graduates. They are integrated throughout the learning experience through courses, lessons, and cocurricular activities.

The following Institutional Learning Outcomes are derived from the objectives of WDTC:

  • Critical Thinking- able to deliberately and systematically process information for better understanding and/or to determine sound decisions.
  • Technical Knowledge and Skills- able to apply technical knowledge, demonstrate technical skills, and use technology.
  • Communication- able to communicate effectively in both oral and written forms.
  • Professionalism- able to conduct oneself in a professional manner.

Meet Your Faculty

Western Dakota Technical College has a low student-to-faculty ratio, meaning more one-on-one learning. Individual attention from your professor can make your college experience more fulfilling.

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