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Section 504/ADA Process

American Disabilities Act Accommodations

To be eligible for accommodation, the student must contact the Student Success Center. This contact should be made as early in the semester as possible. It is the student’s responsibility to provide medical or other diagnostic documentation of disability and limitations. If documentation is not adequate, the student may be asked to participate in additional evaluation prior to receiving accommodations. The student will incur the cost of this testing. Students with disabilities are not exempt from following Western Dakota Tech policies and procedures, such as drug/alcohol policies, grade appeal procedures, etc. These policies and procedures are outlined in the Western Dakota Tech Student Handbook.

Students who request academic accommodations will be required to provide the appropriate documentation to the Student Success Center. The Student Success Coaches will review the documentation and meet individually with the student to determine which accommodations will be allowable. The student will be given an “ADA Accommodation Request” form and the student is responsible for taking this form to each class/teacher in which accommodations are requested. Instructional/classroom accommodations may include, but are not limited to:

  • Oral tests
  • Enlarged material
  • Extended time on exams (up to time and a half)
  • Distraction-free environment
  • Note takers
  • Readers
  • Taped or digital texts
  • Tape recorders
  • Preferential seating
  • Graphic organizers

The ADA Request for Services Form can be found here.

To begin the ADA Grievance Procedure, you can download the PDF here.

To contact Student Success Coaches for more information click here.

Debbie Toms

Student Success Director & Registrar
Western Dakota Tech Title IX Coordinator
Enrollment Services Office D113


ADA Accommodations 
Title IX & Clery

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Jennifer Williams-Curl

Library & Disability Services Coordinator


ADA Accommodations 
Dual Enrollment Textbooks 
Library Services

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