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Principles of Excellence

Western Dakota Technical College complies with Presidential Executive Order 13607, which established Principles of Excellence (POE) for educational institutions serving service members, veterans, spouses, and other family members.

VA Principles of Excellence program requirementsHow Western Dakota Technical College (WDTC) Complies

Provide a written personal summary of the total cost of your educational program, including:

  • The costs covered by your benefits.
  • The financial aid you may qualify for.
  • Your expected student-loan debt after you graduate.
  • Other information to help you compare aid packages offered by different schools.

Western Dakota Technical College (WDTC) provides every military/veteran with a personalized College Financing Plan (CFP) when they receive their financial aid package. The purpose of a CFP is to simplify information for prospective students regarding costs and financial aid so that they can easily compare institutions and make informed decisions about where to attend college.

WDTC program cost information is located here:

Access WDTC graduation rates at:

WDTC job-placement rates can be viewed here:

Information regarding training, experience, or examinations, required to obtain the license, certification, or approval for which a course of education is designed to provide preparation is located as applies to specific programs on individual website program pages. Program pages are located at:

Provide an educational plan with a timeline showing how and when you can fulfill everything required for you to graduate.

Each WDTC student, once enrolled in classes, can access their personalized advising worksheet in MyWDT to view the courses required for graduation and the timeline for completion. This timeline might need to be adjusted on an individual basis depending on the number of credits taken each semester, completed coursework, and semester(s) courses are offered. Students meet with their academic advisor each semester to review their progress, identify classes for upcoming semesters, and adjust graduation dates. To find directions on how to access your advising worksheet, log in to MyWDT at and click the “How To” tab.

View the current catalog and course offerings by semester.

Provide information regarding the training, experience, or examinations required to obtain the license, certification, or approval for which the course of education is designed to provide preparation.

WDTC provides information regarding the additional certification or licensure (steps for credential) necessary for the following programs/career fields:

Assign you a point of contact who will give you ongoing academic and financial advice (including access to disability counseling).

WDTC assigns students an academic advisor and contacts for financial advisement. View the Veterans Services Team.

Allow for you to be gone for both long and short periods of time due to service obligations (service you must fulfill) for active-duty service members and Reservists.

As we understand challenges faced by those in the military, WDTC provides accommodations for student absences due to service obligations.

Make sure all courses and programs are approved by the respective accrediting agencies before enrolling students.

Approval of all new programs and applicable courses occurs before students are enrolled.

Make sure their refund policies follow Title IV rules, which guide federal student financial aid programs.

In compliance with federal policies, WDTC’s federal aid refund policy follows Title IV requirements.

End fraudulent (deceitful) and aggressive methods of recruiting.

WDTC does not allow dishonest or aggressive recruiting practices.

Provide information regarding transfer credits, including military credits.

The Registrar’s Office evaluates all official transcripts from other educational institutions, including the transfer of military credits, to determine transferability of courses in to the program you have selected. The Registrar’s Office works closely with Program Directors to evaluate technical courses for transfer. In order to fully evaluate a course, you may be asked to provide additional information such as a course description or a syllabus. Additional information is located here:

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