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243 Students Named to Spring 2018 Dean's List

Western Dakota Tech congratulates the 243 students named to the Spring 2018 Dean's List. To qualify, students must earn a grade point average of 3.5 or higher.

The Dean's List begins with South Dakota students followed by additional states.

South Dakota
Belle Fourche: Alexander Hendricks, Computer-Aided Drafting; Wyatt Horn, Law Enforcement Technology; Kyle Jankord, Computer-Aided Drafting; Justin Mowery, Criminal Justice - Law Enforcement Emphasis; Sara Rosencranz, Bookkeeping; Christopher Schuh, Computer Science-Information Technology Specialist.

Belvidere: Patty Siglin, Practical Nursing.

Bison: Finn Sacrison, Transportation Technology - Heavy Duty; Wrangler Weishaar, Precision Machining Technology.

Black Hawk: Ariana Bertolotto, Phlebotomy/Laboratory Assistant; Sean Kelly, Computer Science-Information Technology Specialist; Sheila Lewis, Dental Assisting; Kathryn Roselles, Practical Nursing; Macy Shupick, Bookkeeping; Paulena Summers, Allied Health - LPN; Robert Trostheim, Computer Science - Network Admin. & Security; Stephanie Weber, Practical Nursing.

Box Elder: Gillian Asher, Practical Nursing; Theresa Bartels, Practical Nursing; Thomas Breyfogle, Computer-Aided Drafting; Allysen Brinkman, Environ. Engineering Tech; Lisa Brocar, Bookkeeping; Sadie Browning, Dental Assisting; Cassidy Cowan, Paramedic; Kevin Goyins, Computer Science-Information Technology Specialist; River Halverson, Environ. Engineering Tech; Edward Hillmann, Electrical Trades; Troy Hopkins, Plumbing Technology; Brian Jenkins, Accounting; Keegan Kelly, Practical Nursing; Mercedes McNett, Computer Science-Information Technology Specialist; Joshua Osterkamp, Transportation Technology - Light Duty; Bobbi Parks, Health Information Management - Coding; Hailey Rick, Health Information Management - Coding; Guadalupe Tamayo, Business and Technology; Caleb Ward, Law Enforcement Technology.

Brandon: Abigail Cole, Bookkeeping.

Buffalo Gap: Michael Koffler, Electrical Trades; Wyatt Roda, Precision Machining Technology.

Custer: Catlyn Cordell, Law Enforcement Technology; Freida Foldenauer, Health Information Management - Coding; Kara Webster, Criminal Justice - Law Enforcement Emphasis.

Deadwood: Michael Zwingelberg, Electrical Trades.

Ellsworth AFB: Shelby Andrews, Bookkeeping; Elizabeth Slaton, Dental Assisting.

Faith: Connor Smith, Welding and Fabrication; Blake Williams, Fire Science.

Hermosa: Richard Evens, Transportation Technology - Heavy Duty.

Hill City: Melissa Elwell, Environ. Engineering Tech.

Hot Springs: Cheyenne Christopherson, Practical Nursing; Larissa Halls, Practical Nursing; Dale Ruhoff, Welding and Fabrication.

Ipswich: Katherine Gaub, Practical Nursing.

Kadoka: Kassie Kukal, Practical Nursing.

Keystone: David Greene, Paramedic; Leif Larson, Environ. Engineering Tech.

Lead: Maynard Bull, Business and Technology; Riley Kuhl, Computer Science-Information Technology Specialist.

Martin: Sage Alexander, Welding and Fabrication.

Midland: Miranda Dale, Pharmacy Technician.

Milbank: Austin Wendland, Computer Science-Information Technology Specialist.

Nemo: Jonathan Eggers, Electrical Trades.

Newell: Eric Richardson, Law Enforcement Technology.

Norris: David Kary, Welding and Fabrication.

Philip: Marshall Bowen, HVAC/R Technology; Mercades Dahlvang, Criminal Justice; Ashley Scheessele, Practical Nursing.

Piedmont: William Berkeley, Plumbing Technology; Tatiana Lazari, Practical Nursing.

Pierre: Travis Cornelison, Paramedic.

Platte: Joslin Nelson, Practical Nursing.

Prairie City: Ross Collins, Fire Science.

Presho: Rebecca Meyer, Criminal Justice.

Rapid City: Adriana Arrambide, Medical Laboratory Technician; Dane Arredondo, Paramedic; Joe Arreguin, Fire Science; Geoffrey Atherton, Transportation Technology - Light Duty; Jordan Atherton, Computer Science-Information Technology Specialist; Cameron Ault, Environ. Engineering Tech; Nicholas Baker, Computer Science-Information Technology Specialist; Amber Balk, Practical Nursing; Cameron Barber, Transportation Technology - Light Duty; Precious Bartlett, Business and Technology; Joseph Beers, Computer Science-Information Technology Specialist; Lindzie Bergman, Surgical Technology; David Bernot, Electrical Trades; Jordan Berntson, Practical Nursing; Madison Blakley-Barnes, Allied Health - LPN; Tanner Blank, Electrical Trades; Karl Bodensteiner, Paramedic; Kevin Boerke, Electrical Trades; Lisa Bordonaro, Practical Nursing; Tanner Bray, Criminal Justice - Law Enforcement Emphasis; Tabitha Broman, Practical Nursing; Tricia Brown, Practical Nursing; Tara Marie Bruce, Computer Science-Information Technology Specialist; Howard Burritt, Transportation Technology - Heavy Duty; Richard Butturini, Paramedic; Tyler Cameron, Criminal Justice; Daniel Campbell, Paramedic; William Cannon, Business and Technology; Stephanie Corbin, Practical Nursing; Nathan Cronin, Law Enforcement Technology; Haylee Crossman, Business - Social Media Marketing Certificate; Alison Curley, Accounting; Jordyn Davis, Health Information Management - Coding; David Dean, Welding and Fabrication; Matthew Drake, Criminal Justice - Law Enforcement Emphasis; Jaclyn Eldredge, Environ. Engineering Tech; Catherine Ellis, Criminal Justice; James Farr, Practical Nursing; Chantel Flagg, Bookkeeping; Louise Fogel, Accounting; Brieanna Franze, Paramedic; Bailie Garber, Paramedic; Shari Gavle, Medical Laboratory Technician; Austin Geidel, Transportation Technology - Heavy Duty; Jody Glayzer, Practical Nursing; Rosalinda Gonzalez, Business Management & Marketing; Kelly Gregson, Computer-Aided Drafting; Lindsay Hansen, Practical Nursing; Lindsey Heidt, Practical Nursing; Justin Heier, Computer Science-Information Technology Specialis; Sara Heller, Practical Nursing; Abbey Helmer, Practical Nursing; Jade Hertel, Precision Machining Technology; Levi Heying, Precision Machining Technology; Savannah Jackson, Business and Technology; Ethan Jarding, Fire Science; Kayla Johnson, Computer Science-Information Technology Specialist; Monique Johnson, Practical Nursing; Ayden Jones, Welding and Fabrication; Jared Jordan, Paramedic; Virginia Jordan, Electrical Trades; Kaycee Karst, Practical Nursing; Dylan Kirkeby-Carlyle, Electrical Trades; Sydney Knigge, Dental Assisting; Samantha Kranstz, Bookkeeping; Megan Ladner, Surgical Technology; Shanaiya Langer, Surgical Technology; Dominique Lawrence, Computer-Aided Drafting; Aleta Leenknecht, Technical Studies; Forrest Legg, Transportation Technology - Heavy Duty; Holly Leimer, Practical Nursing; Edward Leonard, Plumbing Technology; Stacy Lloyd, Practical Nursing; Chance Lockett, Fire Science; Sarah Ludes, Library Technician; Christopher Lunsford, Electrical Trades; Kasey Luxem, Criminal Justice; Rebekah Matthews, Transportation Technology - Light Duty; Timothy Mayes, Practical Nursing; Andy McGuire, Surgical Technology; Kacie McGuire, Surgical Technology; Alexander McKeag, Welding and Fabrication; Naomi McVay, Computer-Aided Drafting; Nellie Menard, Dental Assisting; Michael Mileusnich, Welding and Fabrication; Steven Moore, Computer Science-Information Technology Specialist; Cameron Moser-Asbjeld, Criminal Justice - Law Enforcement Emphasis; Victoria O'Connell, Surgical Technology; Andrew Osborne, Paramedic; Joshua Pangelinan, Medical Laboratory Technician; Michelle Patryas, Business and Technology; Matthew Paulsen, Computer Science-Information Technology Specialist; Bruce Powell, HVAC/R Technology; Brianna Quinn, Surgical Technology; Benjamin Rea, Electrical Trades; Prashanta Regmi, Criminal Justice; Dennis Rice, HVAC/R Technology; Kate Salkowski, Phlebotomy/Laboratory Assistant; Jasmine Sanders, Criminal Justice; Diana Schmitt, Business and Technology; Kady Schmitz, Health Information Management - Coding; Timothy Schneider, Transportation Technology - Heavy Duty; Brittney Seitz, Computer Science-Information Technology Specialist; Melissa Shoop, Surgical Technology; Chelsea Shrewsbury, Practical Nursing; Dan Smith, Computer Science-Information Technology Specialist; Kasey Smith, Business and Technology; Michael Squires, Electrical Trades; Rosa Stahl, Accounting; Jeffery Stahley, HVAC/R Technology; Brian Stamper, Computer Science-Information Technology Specialist; Stephanie States, Computer-Aided Drafting; Moira Steiner-Pettit, Law Enforcement Technology; Shelby Svenson, Healthcare Technician; Paul Van Doren, Computer Science-Information Technology Specialist; Michael Walker, Transportation Technology - Light Duty; Angela Ware, Practical Nursing; Brittany Weidmann, Practical Nursing; Paul Weisbeck, Welding and Fabrication; Kelsey Wenzel, Bookkeeping; Cheyenne Weston, Paramedic; Jacob Wolfe, Welding and Fabrication; Garrett Wricks, Welding and Fabrication; Traci Zandstra, Bookkeeping; Laurel Zweibohmer, Library Technician; Thomas Zylstra Welding and Fabrication.

Rosebud: DuWayne Whirlwind Soldier, Paramedic.

Spearfish: Kara Bland, Practical Nursing; Jessica Harwood, Bookkeeping; Deborah Mulholland, Surgical Technology; Thomas Myers, Law Enforcement Technology; Amanda Nelson, Health Information Management - Coding; Andrew Slezak, Computer Science-Information Technology Specialist; Jennifer Thomas, Phlebotomy/Laboratory Assistant.

Sturgis: Corey Aga, Welding and Fabrication; Elco Cano Valdez, HVAC/R Technology; Lisa Figueroa, Medical Laboratory Technician; Madison Gyles, Practical Nursing; Christian Kotab, Computer Science-Information Technology Specialist; Christine Lyons, Accounting; Jacob O'Neill, Welding and Fabrication; Jonah Pickett, HVAC/R Technology; Janetha Rychecky, Dental Assisting; Jason Schneider, Precision Machining Technology; Torie Trautman, Surgical Technology.

Summerset: Michael Bowerman, Electrical Trades.

Vale: Whitney Peterson, Bookkeeping.

Wall: ChristopherSchulz HVAC/R Technology.

Webster: Tannor Popham, Computer-Aided Drafting.

Whitewood: Becky Auer, Practical Nursing; Tammy Olson, Practical Nursing; Jason Robutz, Paramedic.

Bakersfield: Samantha Wageman, Accounting.

Ely: Ryan Willis, Precision Machining Technology.

Broadus: Logan Pitman, Computer Science-Information Technology Specialist; Riley Pitman, Welding and Fabrication.

Chadron: Jerhett Cattin, Welding and Fabrication; Joseph Cattin, Electrical Trades; Gordon: Wendy Junge, Bookkeeping; Rushville: Paxton Witt, Welding & Fabrication; Sidney: Jeffrey Deal, Welding and Fabrication.

North Dakota
Dickinson: Seth Anderson, Welding and Fabrication; Watford City: Seth Keller, Electrical Trades.

Gillette: Sarah Anderson, Surgical Technology; Mandy Petersen, Practical Nursing; Hulett: Bodhi Penning, Electrical Trades; Story Penning, Electrical Trades; Katie Wolf, Allied Health - Practical Nursing, Practical Nursing; Newcastle: Melanie Oakley, Law Enforcement Technology; Rozet - Stephanie Rudolph, Practical Nursing.

About Western Dakota Tech
Western Dakota Tech was established in 1968 and is the only technical college that serves the western South Dakota region.

Western Dakota Tech offers programs in a variety of fields, including Business and Computers, Construction and Manufacturing, Energy and Environmental Technologies, Health Sciences, Legal and Public Services, and Transportation Technologies.

More than 96 percent of Western Dakota Tech's most recent graduates are working, continuing their education, or are enlisted in the military.

Western Dakota Tech faculty, staff, and administration focus their efforts on helping students gain the skills and experiences they need to succeed. Through hands-on learning, internships, and industry partnerships, Western Dakota Tech students graduate ready to make a real and immediate contribution to their employers and to their communities.

For information about Western Dakota Tech, call (800) 544-8765 or (605) 718-2565 or send an email to Visit us on the web at

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