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Spring 2018 Graduates Announced

The following students graduated from Western Dakota Tech following Spring Semester 2018.

Graduates are listed by state beginning with South Dakota.

South Dakota
Belle Fourche: Nika Avalos, Surgical Technology; Kory Gabert, Electrical Trades; Wyatt Horn, Law Enforcement Technology; Kyle Jankord, Computer-Aided Drafting; Sara Rosencranz, Bookkeeping; Clay Schaeffer, Computer Science-Information Technology Specialist; and Steve Wopinski, HVAC/R Technology;  Belvidere: Patty Siglin, Practical Nursing; Bison: Wrangler Weishaar, Precision Machining Technology; Black Hawk: Ariana Bertolotto, Allied Health – Phlebotomy Lab Assistant, Phlebotomy/Laboratory Assistant; Kaitlyn Crowser, Business Management & Marketing; Aaron Galeana, EMT Certificate; Sean Kelly, Computer Science-Information Technology Specialist; Derick Olsen, HVAC/R Technology; Rhonda Rohde-Gehlsen, Criminal Justice; Kathryn Roselles, Allied Health – Practical Nursing, Practical Nursing; Macy Shupick, Accounting, Bookkeeping; Paulena Summers, Practical Nursing; Lacey Terkildsen, Transportation Technology – Heavy Duty; Robert Trostheim, Computer Science – Network Admin & Security; 

Box Elder: Gillian Asher, Practical Nursing; Theresa Bartels, Practical Nursing; Sara Block, Health Information Management - Coding; Allysen Brinkman, Environ. Engineering Tech; Asa Brocar, Computer-Aided Drafting; Milos Buzarinovic, Transportation Technology – Heavy Duty; Kevin Goyins, Computer Science-Information Technology Specialist; Jeffrey Herman, Law Enforcement Technology; Troy Hopkins, Plumbing Technology; Alexis Kimball, EMT Certificate; Mercedes McNett, Computer Science-Information Technology Specialist; James Means I, Transportation Technology – Heavy Duty; Jessica Miller, Library Technician; Joshua Osterkamp, Transportation Technology – Light Duty; Jessica Quelch, Medical Assisting; Trynity Robertson, Surgical Technology; Keeley Ruff, Medical Laboratory Technician; Madeline Sittingholy, Health Information Management, Health Information Management - Coding; Kyla Stegal, Health Information Management, Health Information Management - Coding; Jacob Stinson, Welding and Fabrication; Luther Wallace, Jr., Computer Science-Information Technology Specialist; Caleb Ward, Law Enforcement Technology; Patricia Wiles, Medical Assisting; Brandon: Abigail Cole, Bookkeeping; Buffalo Gap: Michael Koffler, Electrical Trades; Wyatt Roda, Precision Machining Technology; Camp Crook: Kaeloni Latham, Accounting, Bookkeeping; Custer: Catlyn Cordell, Law Enforcement Technology; Anthony Jones, Welding and Fabrication diploma & degree; Coby Magann, Welding and Fabrication; Deadwood: Mark Stratton, Accounting; Tate Underhill, Medical Laboratory Technician; Ellsworth AFB: Shelby Andrews, Bookkeeping; Faith: Kassidy Inghram, Surgical Technology; Will Lutz, Welding and Fabrication; Connor Smith, Welding and Fabrication; Hill City: Jason Peters, EMT Certificate; Hot Springs: Jinger Evans, Pharmacy Technician; Dale Ruhoff, Welding and Fabrication; Mikayla Stevens, Medical Laboratory Technician; Kadoka: Dustin Enders, Transportation Technology – Heavy Duty; Kassie Kukal, Practical Nursing; Keystone: George Greene, Paramedic; Leif Larson, Environ. Engineering Tech; Lead: Billie Sandidge, Medical Laboratory Technician; Long Valley: Kyler Ferguson, Welding and Fabrication; Martin: Sage Alexander, Welding and Fabrication; Mission: Jared Jansen, Computer-Aided Drafting; Murdo, Julie Knispel Joseph, Environ. Engineering Tech; Nemo: Jonathan Eggers, Electrical Trades; Newell: Eric Richardson, Law Enforcement Technology; Norris: David Kary, Welding and Fabrication; Oglala: Fletcher Cox, Practical Nursing; Philip: Ashley Scheessele, Allied Health – Practical Nursing, Practical Nursing; Piedmont: William Berkeley IV, Plumbing Technology; Raleigh Chauvin, Criminal Justice; Braden Ferguson, Drafting and Machining Technology; Pierre: Travis Cornelison, Paramedic; Platte: Joslin Nelson, Practical Nursing; Rapid City: Clay Adams, Welding and Fabrication diploma & degree; James Adams, Jr., Computer Science-Information Technology Specialist; Claudia Anan, Medical Laboratory Technician; Mason Anderson, Transportation Technology – Heavy Duty; Terry Aron, Jr., Business Entrepreneurship, Business Management & Marketing; Adriana Arrambide, Medical Laboratory Technician; Geoffrey Atherton, Transportation Technology – Light Duty; Aaron Bader, Transportation Technology – Heavy Duty; Nicholas Baker, Computer Science-Information Technology Specialist; Amber Balk, Practical Nursing; Erika Bement, Business Management and Marketing; Lindzie Bergman, Surgical Technology; Wambli Black Lance, Health Information Management - Coding; Madison Blakley-Barnes, Practical Nursing; Cameron Blank, Welding and Fabrication; Tanner Blank, Electrical Trades; Kevin Boerke, Electrical Trades; Lisa Bordonaro, Practical Nursing; Stephen Boulton, HVAC/R Technology; Zachary Bowman, Computer-Aided Drafting; Derrek Brave Heart, Welding and Fabrication; Malinda Callahan, Medical Laboratory Technician; Daniel Campbell, Paramedic; William Cannon, Jr., Business and Technology, Business Social Media Marketing; Kristin Chase Medical Laboratory Technician; Nathan Cronin, Law Enforcement Technology; Laurie Cullingford, Computer Science-Information Technology Specialist; Alison Curley, Accounting; William Danielson, EMT Certificate; David Dean, Welding and Fabrication; Samantha Dean, Medical Laboratory Technician; Tara Elias, Health Information Management - Coding; Catherine Ellis, Criminal Justice; Carol Evans, Surgical Technology; Nathan Frybarger, Environ Engineering Tech; Daniel Galvan II, Business and Technology; Bailie Garber, Paramedic; Shari Gavle, Medical Laboratory Technician; Tom Gioia, Criminal Justice; Rosalinda Gonzalez, Business Management & Marketing; Kelly Gregson, Computer Aided Drafting; Rachel Groethe, Allied Health; Nicholas Hauk, Surgical Technology; Lindsey Heidt, Practical Nursing; Justin Heier, Computer Science-Information Technology Specialist; Abbey Helmer, Practical Nursing; Laurie Henry, Medical Laboratory Technician; Jade Hertel, Precision Machining Technology; Levi Heying, Precision Machining Technology; Spencer Holt, Welding and Fabrication; Hollee Hook, Surgical Technology; Thomas Hovet, Welding and Fabrication; Nora Hudak, Transportation Technology – Light Duty; Felix Irving, Drafting and Machining Technology; Anthony Jackson, Transportation Technology – Light Duty; Bruce Jacobs, Jr., Welding and Fabrication; Ethan Jarding, Fire Science; Nicholas Jensen, Transportation Technology – Heavy Duty; Thomas Jerzak, Transportation Technology – Light Duty; Ayden Jones, Welding and Fabrication; Tyrell Jones, Drafting and Machining Technology; Brianna Kelley, Surgical Technology; Samantha Kranstz, Bookkeeping; Eric Krebsbach, Transportation Technology – Light Duty; Angela Kuhnel, Business Management & Marketing, Business Social Media Marketing, Business Office Professional; Megan Ladner, Surgical Technology; Melissa Laundreaux, Health Information Management - Coding; Dominique Lawrence, Computer-Aided Drafting; Chance Lockett, Fire Science; Sarah Ludes, Library Technician; Kasey Luxem, Criminal Justice; Danica Mann, Fire Science; Reiley Manning, Welding and Fabrication; Hailee Matlock, Medical Laboratory Technician; Mathew Matt, Law Enforcement Technology; Lenora McCollum, Pharmacy Technician; Paul Melucas, Welding and Fabrication; Michael Mileusnich, Welding and Fabrication; Mitch Mitchell, Business and Technology; Steven Moore, Computer Science-Information Technology Specialist; Madison Newman, Phlebotomy/Laboratory Assistant; Victoria O'Connell, Surgical Technology; Cody Parks, Electrical Trades; Matthew Paulsen, Computer Science-Information Technology Specialist; Elizabeth Perez, EMT Certificate; Quincy Pichauffe, Law Enforcement Technology; Cody Pourier, Computer-Aided Drafting; Mya Pourier, EMT Certificate; Bruce Powell, HVAC/R Technology; Brianna Quinn, Surgical Technology; James Randall, Jr., Transportation Technology – Light Duty ; Sonya Randazzo, Surgical Technology; Dennis Rice, HVAC/R Technology; Ivan Rice, Bookkeeping; Tyler Rice, Welding and Fabrication; Jeffrey Ross, Electrical Trades; Kady Schmitz, Health Information Management - Coding; Donald Schoeppner, HVAC/R Technology; Zoey Schopp, Surgical Technology; William Schroeder, Computer Science-Information Technology Specialist; Clay Schweitzer, Allied Health – Practical Nursing; Elizabeth Scott, Environ. Engineering Tech; Matthew Sedlacek, Law Enforcement Technology; Melissa Shoop, Surgical Technology; Morgan Sia, Health Information Management - Coding; Dan Smith, Computer Science-Information Technology Specialist; Nicholas Smith, Electrical Trades; Kelli Sorenson, Medical Laboratory Technician; Michael Squires, Electrical Trades; Rosa Stahl, Bookkeeping; Jeffery Stahley, HVAC/R Technology; Brian Stamper, Computer Science-Information Technology Specialist; Stephanie States, Computer-Aided Drafting; Moira Steiner-Pettit, Law Enforcement Technology; Robyn Stewart, Accounting; Shelby Svenson, Healthcare Technician, Medical Assisting; Jessica Thurmes, Medical Laboratory Technician; Nicole Towey, Computer-Aided Drafting; Sylvester Two Bulls, Sr., Plumbing Technology; Celeste Two Crow, Criminal Justice; Paul Van Doren, Computer Science-Information Technology Specialist; Trevor Van Heel, Welding and Fabrication; Tiffany Vance, Phlebotomy/Laboratory Assistant; Geoffrey Venteicher, Computer Science-Information Technology Specialist; Samantha Ventura, Medical Laboratory Technician; Taran Vollmer, Welding and Fabrication; Shayla Waggoner, Business and Technology; Casey Walker, Precision Machining Technology; Alec Weidenbach, Computer-Aided Drafting; Kelsey Wenzel, Bookkeeping; Kelsey Wilkinson, Surgical Technology; Garrett Wricks, Welding and Fabrication; Samantha Young, Business Social Media Marketing; Lars Zimmiond, Transportation Technology – Heavy Duty; Thomas Zylstra, Welding and Fabrication; Saint Onge: Kimberly Waterson, Business Management & Marketing, Business Social Media Marketing; Spearfish: Jessica Harwood, Accounting, Bookkeeping; Lindsey Helkenn, Medical Laboratory Technician; Airika Jensen, Surgical Technology; Thomas Myers, Law Enforcement Technology; Stacy Ott, Practical Nursing; Jennifer Thomas, Phlebotomy/Laboratory Assistant; Sturgis: Corey Aga, Welding and Fabrication; Kyla Bauer, Medical Laboratory Technician; Gage Blakeman, Transportation Technology – Heavy Duty;  Elco Cano Valdez, HVAC/R Technology; Rowen Drury, Transportation Technology – Light Duty; Madison Gyles, Practical Nursing; Deborah Jacobs, Business Management & Marketing; Christian Kotab, Computer Science-Information Technology Specialist diploma & degree; Jacob O'Neill, Welding and Fabrication; Jonah Pickett, HVAC/R Technology; Jason Schneider, Precision Machining Technology; Summerset: Michael Bowerman, Electrical Trades; Katie Christman, Allied Health; Zachary Couture, Law Enforcement Technology; Hunter Johnson, Environ. Engineering Tech; Emily Lewin, Welding and Fabrication diploma and degree; Matie Linton, Surgical Technology; Baylee Vollmer, Phlebotomy/Laboratory Assistant; Union Center: Brandi Enright, Surgical Technology; Brooke Enright, Business Management & Marketing; Vale: Molly Perkins, Transportation Technology – Heavy Duty; Whitney Peterson, Bookkeeping; Wall: Reed Hertel, Electrical Trades; Christopher Schulz I, HVAC/R Technology; Webster: Tannor Popham, Computer-Aided Drafting; Whitewood: Becky Auer, Allied Health – Practical Nursing, Practical Nursing; Tyler Covell, Transportation Technology – Heavy Duty; Jason Robutz, Paramedic; Linsey Sandidge, Practical Nursing; Yankton: Jason Brue, Drafting and Machining Technology.               

Bakersfield: Samantha Wageman, Accounting.

Sigourney: Isaac Utterback, Transportation Technology – Heavy Duty.

Ely: Ryan Willis, Precision Machining Technology.

Billings: Zakary Dolan, Welding and Fabrication; Broadus: Logan Pitman, Computer Science-Information Technology Specialist; Riley Pitman, Welding and Fabrication.

North Dakota
Bowman: Kaitlyn Dix, Business Management & Marketing; Dickinson: Seth Anderson, Welding and Fabrication; Hettinger: Paden McFarland, Transportation Technology – Heavy Duty.

Chadron: Jerhett Cattin, Welding and Fabrication; Joseph Cattin, Electrical Trades; Matthew Kerner, Electrical Trades; Crawford: Sharla Maginnis, Environ. Engineering Tech; Trevor Walter, Transportation Technology – Light Duty; Gordon: Wendy Junge, Bookkeeping; Sidney: Jeffrey Deal, Welding and Fabrication.

Wichita Falls: David Butler, Electrical Trades.

Port Orchard: Michael Hall, Precision Machining Technology.

Gillette: Sarah Anderson, Surgical Technology; Hulett: Story Penning, Electrical Trades; Katie Wolf, Allied Health – Practical Nursing, Practical Nursing; Newcastle: Melanie Oakley, Law Enforcement Technology.
About Western Dakota Tech

Western Dakota Tech was established in 1968 and is the only technical college that serves the western South Dakota region.

Western Dakota Tech offers programs in a variety of fields, including Business and Computers, Construction and Manufacturing, Energy and Environmental Technologies, Health Sciences, Legal and Public Services, and Transportation Technologies.

More than 96 percent of Western Dakota Tech's most recent graduates are working, continuing their education, or are enlisted in the military.

Western Dakota Tech faculty, staff, and administration focus their efforts on helping students gain the skills and experiences they need to succeed. Through hands-on learning, internships, and industry partnerships, Western Dakota Tech students graduate ready to make a real and immediate contribution to their employers and to their communities.

For information about Western Dakota Tech, call (800) 544-8765 or (605) 718-2565 or send an email to Visit us on the web at

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