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Students graduate from WDT during 45th Commencement

The following Western Dakota Tech students graduate from WDT in Rapid City during the commencement ceremony to be held May 18, 2013. Western Dakota Tech is the only technical institute that serves the western South Dakota region. WDT offers more than 30 programs in a variety of fields, including Business and Computers, Construction Trades, Health Services, Legal and Public Services, Manufacturing and Mechanical Trades, and Science and Technology. More than 98 percent of WDT's most recent graduates are working, continuing their education, or serving in the military, and 90 percent remain in South Dakota. WDT faculty, staff, and administration focus their efforts on helping students gain the skills and experiences they need to succeed. Through hands-on learning, internships, and industry partnerships, WDT students graduate ready to make real and immediate contributions to their employers and their communities. For information about, call (800) 544-8765 or (605) 718-2565 or send an email to Visit WDT on the web at Ardmore: Andrew Wasserburger, Fire Science; Armour: Terri Fields, Computer-Aided Drafting; Bell Fourche: Jamie Porter, Medical Assisting; Valerie Austin, Medical Assisting; Black Hawk: Amber Peterson, Allied Health; Sarah Davis, Environmental Engineering Technician; Jamie Dowling, Law Enforcement Technology; Dawn Bear, Phlebotomy; Amber Peterson, Practical Nursing; Luke McCloud, Transportation Technology; Box Elder: Eugene Miller, Accounting; Debra Rice, Accounting; Brittany Riedel, Business Management & Marketing; Anthony Blackmon, Collision Repair; Anthony Blackmon, Collision Repair; Rodney Kindle, Collision Repair; Nickolas Flood, Computer-Aided Drafting; Shane Dixon, Electrical Trades; Russell Kleinfeldt, Electrical Trades; Jamie Deuter, Environmental Engineering Technician; Mae Heikkinen, Law Enforcement Technology; Erin Atkins, Paralegal/Legal Assistant; Danielle Swenson, Paramedic; Rochelle Geist, Phlebotomy; Angela Sanney, Phlebotomy; Steven Peters, Computer Network-Programming; Terry Aron, Transportation Technology; Adam Monington, Transportation Technology; Brookings: Tim Austin, Fire Science; Caputa: Paul Dustman, Transportation Technology; Benedict Schroeder, Welding Manufacturing; Clearfield: Jesse Tate, Computer-Aided Drafting; Colome: Cole Shippy, Transportation Technology; Custer: Samantha Pechota, Allied Health; Jessica Stender, Business Management & Marketing; Brian Hinkes, Law Enforcement Technology; Caitlan Nielsen, Medical Assisting; Samantha Pechota, Practical Nursing; Albert Gosselin, Transportation Technology; Christopher Talley, Welding Manufacturing; Deadwood: Jessica Fierro, Allied Health; Whitney Saivong, Phlebotomy; Dickinson, N.D.: Michael Lupo, Law Enforcement Technology; Ellsworth AFB: Ashley Miller, Medical Assisting; Faith: Nikki Fisher, Business; Fruitdale: Victoria Pickett, Program Computer Network-Net Admin; Greenbrier, Ark.: Deborah Rosser, Pharmacy Technician; Hermosa: Marta Ellsworth, Practical Nursing; Highmore: Thomas Gravatt, Electrical Trades; Hill City: Rudi McDaniels, Business Management & Marketing; Matthew Gildeleon, Paramedic; Hot Springs: Coleman McNulty, Electrical Trades; Drew Hill, Fire Science; Joseph Gines, Program & Application Development; Keystone: Esmeralda DeAnda, Phlebotomy; Lead: Sarah Larson, Business Management & Marketing; Melissa Dubej, Pharmacy Technician; Lauren Hoffman, Phlebotomy; Desiree Phinney, Phlebotomy; Michelle Black Crow, Practical Nursing; Russell Prince, Welding Manufacturing; Lemmon: Talia Dustman, Accounting; Merriman, Neb.: Mitchel Hopper, Electrical Trades; Minneapolis, Minn.: Logan Carroll, Paramedic; Mitchell: Lexi Pletten, Health Unit Coordinator/PCT; Moscow, Idaho: Genette Jennings, Business Management & Marketing; Nemo: Spencer Schaefers, Program Comp Network-Net Admin; New Underwood: Darryl Meadows, Medical Assisting; Newell: J.C. Seaman, Welding Manufacturing; Nisland: Brad Reid, Electrical Trades; Brodie Shaykett, Transportation Technology; Oglala: Ryan McLaughlin, Electrical Trades; Piedmont: Samantha Green, Business Management & Marketing; Brock Williams, Electrical Trades; Caitlin Wilson, Phlebotomy; Rapid City: Kristen Birnie, Accounting; Michael Blue, Accounting; Jessica Garcia, Accounting; Kayla Jeffries, Accounting; Lynne Pedersen, Accounting; Tracy Shinost, Accounting; Starla Nelson, Administrative Services; Samantha Ventura, Allied Health; Vanessa Derby, Allied Health; Autumn Holway, Allied Health; Jessica Mutschelknaus, Allied Health; Wilhelmina McCreery, Allied Health; Lauren Ramsdell, Allied Health; Desiree Valdes, Allied Health; Marty Hamby, Business; Brian Anderson, Business Management & Marketing; Christopher Barbosa, Business Management & Marketing; Christopher Butt, Business Management & Marketing; Kyle Butts, Business Management & Marketing; Rebbecca Campbell, Business Management & Marketing; Amber Eagleboy, Business Management & Marketing; Frank Foster, Business Management & Marketing; Dae Lynn Gilger, Business Management & Marketing; Jeffrey Hirth, Business Management & Marketing; James Hoey, Business Management & Marketing; Tyler Horan, Business Management & Marketing; Sasha Kelly, Business Management & Marketing; Kalen Mehlhaff-Martin, Business Management & Marketing; Amber Moore, Business Management & Marketing; Richard Nunez, Business Management & Marketing; Vanessa Perry, Business Management & Marketing; Forrest Todd, Business Management & Marketing; Chelsey Weber, Business Management & Marketing; Jessica Willey, Business Management & Marketing; Jamie Scherbenske, Collision Repair; Allen Bellinger, Computer-Aided Drafting; Joel O'Daniel, Computer-Aided Drafting; Ryan Skjoldal, Computer-Aided Drafting; Jarrod Anderson, Electrical Trades; Randy Bailey, Electrical Trades; Thomas Bottomley, Electrical Trades; Christopher Gregory, Electrical Trades; Fred Grinnell, Electrical Trades; Joshua Peterson, Electrical Trades; Curtis Standing Cloud, Electrical Trades; Cassandra Bell, Environmental Engineering Technician; John Etchison, Environmental Engineering Technician; Eric Kloehn, Environmental Engineering Technician; Lander Legge, Environmental Engineering Technician; Sarah Merkel, Environmental Engineering Technician; Justin Newman, Environmental Engineering Technician; Steven Sweetman, Environmental Engineering Technician; Abigail Trobaugh, Environmental Engineering Technician; Matthew Ashley, Fire Science; Joseph Delaney, Fire Science; Garrett Dixon, Fire Science; Alexander Ingalls, Fire Science; Justin Ladenburger, Fire Science; Jesse Perry, Fire Science; Ryan Thievin, Fire Science; Casandra Bedinger, Health Information Management; Michelle Sabo-Parker, Health Information Management; Michelle Sabo-Parker, Health Information Management; Michael Swanson, Health Information Management; Veronica Terviel, Health Information Management; Jessica Cook, Health Unit Coordinator/PCT; Mary Dooley, Health Unit Coordinator/PCT; Mary Dooley, Health Unit Coordinator/PCT; Mandi Means, Health Unit Coordinator/PCT; Christiana New Holy, Health Unit Coordinator/PCT; Jenesis Carson, Law Enforcement Technology; William Hansen, Law Enforcement Technology; Vanessa Herz, Law Enforcement Technology; Brittany Keifer, Law Enforcement Technology; Samantha McAdaragh, Law Enforcement Technology; Jacob Mueller, Law Enforcement Technology; Shannon Torres-Negron, Law Enforcement Technology; Debra Culp, Library Technician; Mona Bridges, Medical Admimistrative Services; Krista Andrews, Medical Assisting; Sherral Marrowbone, Medical Assisting; Tara Mize, Medical Assisting; Brittney Sogge, Medical Assisting; Chandra Strohm, Medical Assisting; Rachel Berg, Paralegal/Legal Assistant; Braden Bilyeu, Paralegal/Legal Assistant; Cassie Kindred, Paralegal/Legal Assistant; Holly Parks, Paralegal/Legal Assistant; Anthony Beaty, Paramedic; Ralph Dupres, Paramedic; Trevor Kautzman, Paramedic; Tate Locust, Paramedic; Ehren Mallams, Paramedic; Shane McKinney, Paramedic; Virginia Roy-Daily, Paramedic; Daniel Shank, Paramedic; Stephen Terrell, Paramedic; Matthew Thompson, Paramedic; Robert Ackerman, Phlebotomy; Deidra Barclay, Phlebotomy; Tara Godsey, Phlebotomy; Darci Herman, Phlebotomy; Melissa Herrera, Phlebotomy; Emily Hirschman, Phlebotomy; Darian McDonald, Phlebotomy; Elizabeth Reindl, Phlebotomy; Tanya Schelske, Phlebotomy; Theresa Sullivan, Phlebotomy; Samantha Ventura, Phlebotomy; Samantha Castilleja, Practical Nursing; Raven Chilarski, Practical Nursing; Wendy Cook, Practical Nursing; Vanessa Derby, Practical Nursing; Brenda Graybill, Practical Nursing; Autumn Holway, Practical Nursing; Jessica Mutschelknaus, Practical Nursing; Jessica VenOsdel, Practical Nursing; Angie Weidenbach, Practical Nursing; Thomas Gorder, Program & Application Development; Derek Lane, Program & Application Development; Jay Pearson Jr, Program & Application Development; George Bradstream, Program Computer Network-Net Admin; Matt Erickson, Program Computer Network-Net Admin; Hannah Franz, Program Computer Network-Programming; Lucas Hartshorn, Program Computer Network-Programming; Derrick Rauch, Program Computer Network-Programming; Cameron Rombough, Program Computer Network-Programming; Jacob Fischer, Transportation Technology; Tanner Young, Transportation Technology; Ramon Morales-Padilla, Transportation Technology; Weylin Roubideaux, Transportation Technology; Lacy Steele, Transportation Technology; Ricardo Torres Negron, Transportation Technology; Brice Walters, Transportation Technology; Jacob Boydston, Welding Manufacturing; Jeremiah Davis, Welding Manufacturing; Austin Fichter, Welding Manufacturing; Norman Halbmaier, Welding Manufacturing; Patrick Moos, Welding Manufacturing; Travis Ostendorf, Welding Manufacturing; Logan Rushton, Welding Manufacturing; Spearfish: Alison Gallagher, Accounting; Tanya Piekkola, Accounting; Jordan Fremont, Business; Susan Burnitt, Business Management & Marketing; Leslie Grisham, Business Management & Marketing; Brian Brooke, Computer-Aided Drafting; Joseph Henry, Environmental Engineering Technician; Kayelyn Steiner, Health Unit Coordinator/PCT; Nicholas Allender, Law Enforcement Technology; Loni Geffre, Practical Nursing; Dorcas Holder, Practical Nursing; Spencer Whitted, Welding Manufacturing; St Onge: Danna Johnson, Paralegal/Legal Assistant; Sturgis: Deann Holstlaw, Accounting; Leanne Sheely, Accounting; Joel Whelchel, Business Management & Marketing; Troy Finn, Electrical Trades; Dylan Keszler, Environmental Engineering Technician; Joshua O'Dea, Environmental Engineering Technician; Chase Williamson, Environmental Engineering Technician; Theodore Smith, Law Enforcement Technology; M'Kenzi Duprel, Practical Nursing; Pamela Freestad, Practical Nursing; Summerset: Jessica Pekron, Accounting; Connor Rice, Welding Manufacturing; Wall: Bryn McKay, Welding Manufacturing; Wasta: Kandi McMurtrey, Accounting; Wheaton, Ill.: Matthew Peterson, Environmental Engineering Technician; Whitewood: Jeanette Daniels, Health Information Management; Amelia Seifert, Law Enforcement Technology; Winner: Chelsey Whitley, Business Management & Marketing

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