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Western Dakota Tech Fall 2018 Dean's List Announced

Western Dakota Tech congratulates the 220 students named to the Fall 2018 Dean's List. To qualify, students must earn a grade point average of 3.5 or higher. 

The Dean's List begins with South Dakota students followed by additional states.


Belle Fourche: Bobby Deleon, Welding and Fabrication; Dominic Mace, Criminal Justice - Law Enforcement Emphasis; Justin Mowery, Criminal Justice - Law Enforcement Emphasis; Shelby Rhoads, Criminal Justice; Sarah Stednick, Diesel Technology; Brian Stednick, Surgical Technology; Hunter Vissia, Paramedic; and Zachary Wager, Electrical Trades.

Bison: Shawna Kolb, Diesel Technology.

Black Hawk: Tanner Geldert, Paramedic; Sheila Lewis, Dental Assisting; Avrey Mason, Paramedic; Ryan Matusiak, Criminal Justice - Law Enforcement Emphasis; and Mundy Meguire, Business and Technology.  

Box Elder: Colleena Abbott, Paramedic; Thomas Breyfogle, Computer-Aided Drafting; Lisa Brocar, Bookkeeping; Charlie Clyde, Welding and Fabrication; Stephanie De Long, Criminal Justice - Law Enforcement Emphasis; Mateo Estrada, Transportation Technology, TTL; Emily Feistner, Automotive Technology; Alissa Fendrick, Surgical Technology; Katherine Gaub, Practical Nursing; Mason Helgeland, HVAC/R Technology; Edward Hillmann, Electrical Trades; Brian Jenkins, Accounting; Sung Kang, Computer Science-Information Technology Specialist; Heather Kenworthy, Practical Nursing; Maegan Miller, Criminal Justice; Justin Moak, HVAC/R Technology; Steven Moore, Computer Science-Information Technology Specialist; Bobbi Parks, Health Information Management, COD; Hailey Rick, Health Information Management, COD; Amber Schoenewald, Accounting; and Robert Umberger, Automotive Technology.      

Custer: Amanda Blume, Office Professional; Ashley Schneider, Allied Health, LPN; Echo Smit, Practical Nursing; and Tyra Soulek, Criminal Justice.          

Deadwood: Michael Zwingelberg, Electrical Trades.

Ellsworth AFB:  Casey Williams, Medical Laboratory Technician; and Jeremiah Cass, Surgical Technology.

Enning: Tallina Spring, Surgical Technology.

Faith: Will Lutz, Welding and Fabrication.

Hermosa: Jeremy Hart, Precision Machining Technology; Ben Kruger, Welding and Fabrication; Isaak Weller, Dual Enrollment; and Sydney Yeargan, Practical Nursing.

Hill City: Melissa Elwell, Environmental Engineering Tech; and Luis Sanchez, Welding and Fabrication.

Hot Springs: Cheyenne Christopherson, Practical Nursing; Trestina Connelly, Business and Technology; Camber Ehrhardt, Paramedic; Larissa Halls, Practical Nursing; and John Turner, Computer Science-Information Technology Specialist.

Kadoka: Addison Bendt, Transportation Technology, TTL; Sydney Word, Criminal Justice; and Nicholas Young, Electrical Trades.

Keystone: Jesse Conlon, Construction Technology; and David Greene, Paramedic.

Lead: Maynard Bull, Business and Technology; Riley Kuhl, Computer Science-Information Technology Specialist; and Douglas Reynolds, Environmental Engineering Tech.

Midland: Mariah Dale, Business and Technology.

Oelrichs: Wyatt Davidson, Welding and Fabrication.

Philip: Mercades Dahlvang, Criminal Justice; and Nathan Phillips, HVAC/R Technology.

Piedmont: Tatiana Lazari, Practical Nursing; Brooke Peet, Welding and Fabrication; and Matthew Walth, Welding and Fabrication.

Pierre: Chase Lenneman, Electrical Trades.

Prairie City: Ross Collins, Fire Science.

Rapid City: Ross Collins, Fire Science; Jade Ackman, Welding and Fabrication; Keshia Allen, Criminal Justice; Kirby Anderson, Practical Nursing; Jordan Atherton, Computer Science-Information Technology Specialist; Benjamyn Atkins, Transportation Technology, TTL; Nicholas Baker, Computer Science-Information Technology Specialist; Cameron Barber, Transportation Technology, TTL; Tucker Beaudette, Paramedic; Colt Bentley, Criminal Justice - Law Enforcement Emphasis; David Bernot, Electrical Trades; Jordan Berntson, Practical Nursing; Tanner Bray, Criminal Justice - Law Enforcement Emphasis; Tabitha Broman, Practical Nursing; Tricia Brown, Practical Nursing; Tara Marie Bruce, Computer Science-Information Technology Specialist; Suzanne Christensen, Phlebotomy/Laboratory Assistant; Carson Conlee, Dual Enrollment; Stephanie Corbin, Practical Nursing; Sarah Cotner, Practical Nursing; Alyxandra Craig, Surgical Technology; John Cronin, Computer Science-Information Technology Specialist; Jordyn Davis, Health Information Management COD; Dustin Davis, HVAC/R Technology; Alexandra Douglas, Criminal Justice; Matthew Drake, Criminal Justice - Law Enforcement Emphasis; Jaclyn Eldredge, Environmental Engineering Tech; James Farr, Practical Nursing; Nichole Fast Horse, Business and Technology; Christian Frederick, Criminal Justice - Law Enforcement Emphasis; Harold Gaston, Practical Nursing; Marissa Godfrey, Criminal Justice; Wendy Groenewoud, Surgical Technology; Ryan Gunderman, Criminal Justice - Law Enforcement Emphasis; Tanner Hagen, HVAC/R Technology; Maxwell Hanna, Paramedic; Cherise Hartmann, Practical Nursing; Morgan Hegstrum, Office Professional; Justin Heier, Computer Science-Information Technology Specialist; Elyse Helkenn, Criminal Justice - Law Enforcement Emphasis; Jade Hertel, Drafting and Machining Technology; Cody Horan, Electrical Trades; Kristian Jakowicz, Paramedic; Monique Johnson, Practical Nursing; William Johnstone, Paramedic; Virginia Jordan, Electrical Trades; Angela Jung, Business and Technology; Kaycee Karst, Practical Nursing; Shiloh Keefner, Medical Laboratory Technician; Timothy Kennedy, HVAC/R Technology; Tucker Kieffer, Diesel Technology; Emma Knecht, Computer Science-Information Technology Specialist; Christopher Knight, Criminal Justice; Evan Krebsbach, Computer Science-Information Technology Specialist; Dominique Laki, Practical Nursing; Shanaiya Langer, Surgical Technology; Forrest Legg, Diesel Technology; Robert Liebman, Computer-Aided Drafting; Stacy Lloyd, Practical Nursing; Sarah Ludes, Library Technician; Christopher Lunsford, Electrical Trades; Gabriel Maruani, Environmental Engineering Tech; Rebekah Matthews, Transportation Technology, TTL; Alexander McKeag, Welding and Fabrication; Gabrielle McPherson, Surgical Technology; Naomi McVay, Computer-Aided Drafting; Rebecca Meyer, Criminal Justice; John Michaud, Paramedic; Joshua Mills, Medical Laboratory Technician; Austin Mitchell-Briggs, Paramedic; Savannah Morgan, Computer Science-Information Technology Specialist; Cameron Moser-Asbjeld, Criminal Justice - Law Enforcement Emphasis; Matthew Moyer, Business and Technology; Antonio Nalls, Business and Technology; Madeson Olson, Criminal Justice; Andrew Osborne, Paramedic; Michelle Patryas, Business and Technology; Elizabeth Patterson, Practical Nursing; Michael Pease, Drafting and Machining Technology; Kevin Poliszuk, Criminal Justice - Law Enforcement Emphasis; Reece Proctor, Electrical Trades; Benjamin Rea, Electrical Trades; Jade Redleaf, Technical Studies; Shelah Reimer, Criminal Justice; Stacy Roberts, Surgical Technology; Blake Roland, Dual Enrollment; Timothy Romero Douglas, Electrical Trades; Thayer Ronfeldt, Criminal Justice - Law Enforcement Emphasis; Jasmine Sanders, Criminal Justice; Toby Sanovia, Paramedic; Mandy Schmidt, Criminal Justice; Timothy Schneider, Transportation Technology, TTH; Ethan Schulz, Criminal Justice - Law Enforcement Emphasis; Brittney Seitz, Computer Science-Information Technology Specialist; Ryan Seybold Conner, HVAC/R Technology; David Sharp, Computer Science-Information Technology Specialist; Marisa Sharp, Dental Assisting; Kellie Sigdestad, Practical Nursing; Kasey Smith, Business and Technology; Paul Sperlich, Dual Enrollment; Richard St. Peter, Criminal Justice - Law Enforcement Emphasis; Tegan Stach, Practical Nursing; Rosa Stahl, Accounting; Brian Stamper, Computer Science-Information Technology Specialist; Sharon Stands, Criminal Justice - Law Enforcement Emphasis; Lynette Stieb, Accounting; Brad Stover, Business and Technology; Molly Strnad, Practical Nursing; Vasilii Tseptsura, Precision Machining Technology; Danietta Turpen, Criminal Justice - Law Enforcement Emphasis; Angela Ware, Practical Nursing; Brittany Weidmann, Practical Nursing; Paul Weisbeck, Welding and Fabrication; Dillan Wessels, Environmental Engineering Tech; Taylor Weyrich, Business and Technology; Cecelia White Eagle, Criminal Justice - Law Enforcement Emphasis; Christin Wiebe, Computer-Aided Design; Joshua Williams, Business and Technology; and TaMara Zephier-Conroy, Computer-Aided Design.                   

Spearfish: Joya Clairmont, Practical Nursing; Lara Joseph, Practical Nursing; Bree Lewis, Criminal Justice; Victoria Nachatilo, Criminal Justice - Law Enforcement Emphasis; Amanda Nelson, Health Information Management, COD; Lindsey Roberts, Medical Laboratory Technician; Andrew Slezak, Computer Science-Information Technology Specialist; and Juliann VanDriel, Construction Technology.

Sturgis: Andrew Finn, Diesel Technology; Shelley Good, Environmental Engineering Tech; Dylan Hersrud, Computer Science-Information Technology Specialist; Alissa Koski, Practical Nursing; Cameron Strand, Criminal Justice; Torie Trautman, Surgical Technology; and Forrest Zimmiond, Electrical Trades.

Summerset: Kaleigh Becket, Dual Enrollment; and Casey Williams, Phlebotomy/Laboratory Assistant.    

Whitewod: Jaedyn Mehlberg, Allied Health, LPN; and Jamie Rath, Practical Nursing.

Winner: Kelsey Pravecek, Surgical Technology.


Buffalo: Eric Slininger, Environmental Engineering Tech; Ely: Ryan Willis, Drafting and Machining Technology.


Broadus: Riley Pitman, Welding and Fabrication.


Chadron: Jerhett Cattin, Welding and Fabrication; Crookston: Brandan Fay, Paramedic; Scottsbluff: Zach Kishiyama, Welding and Fabrication.


Gillette: Seth Nowak, Electrical Trades; Mandy Petersen, Practical Nursing; and Leticia Schnell, Practical Nursing; Rozet: Stephanie Rudolph, Practical Nursing.

About Western Dakota Tech
Western Dakota Tech was established in 1968 and is the only technical college that serves the western South Dakota region.

Western Dakota Tech offers programs in a variety of fields, including Business and Computers, Construction and Manufacturing, Energy and Environmental Technologies, Health Sciences, Legal and Public Services, and Transportation Technologies.

More than 96 percent of Western Dakota Tech's most recent graduates are working, continuing their education, or are enlisted in the military.

Western Dakota Tech faculty, staff, and administration focus their efforts on helping students gain the skills and experiences they need to succeed. Through hands-on learning, internships, and industry partnerships, Western Dakota Tech students graduate ready to make a real and immediate contribution to their employers and to their communities.

For information about Western Dakota Tech, call (800) 544-8765 or (605) 718-2565 or send an email to Visit us on the web at

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