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Western Dakota Technical College Announces 55th Commencement Graduates

The following students graduated from Western Dakota Technical College (WDTC) following Spring Semester 2023.

Graduates and their programs are listed by state and city beginning with South Dakota.


Belle Fourche – Jami Albrecht, Allied Health; Alexis Allen, Phlebotomy/Laboratory Assistant; Kailee Bertch, Registered Nursing; Melissa Carlson, Allied Health – Practical Nursing Emphasis; Melissa Carlson, Practical Nursing; Lindsay Dommer, Bookkeeping; Morgan Fahey, Practical Nursing; Kacie Harrison, Practical Nursing; Justice Jones, Criminal Justice - Law Enforcement Emphasis; Isaac McKenney, Automotive Technology; Tiera Nikodym, Accounting; Alexice Olson, Practical Nursing; Jaden Schmidt, Welding and Fabrication; Theresina Seaman, Phlebotomy; Justin Stender, Computer Science-Information Technology Specialist.

Black Hawk – Taylor Anderson, Criminal Justice - Law Enforcement Emphasis; Abbygail Bingham, Medical Laboratory Technician; Elijah Burdick, Welding and Fabrication; Logan Crisman, Electrical Trades; Austin Evans, Computer Science-Information Technology Specialist; Madisen Hankins, Criminal Justice; Kelcey Hayes, Medical Laboratory Technician; Tristan Neuneker, Phlebotomy; Morgan Roos, Practical Nursing; Kalob Seal, Computer Science-Information Technology Specialist; Bert Twiggs, Environ Engineering Tech Controlled Environment Ag; Stephanie Winckel, Registered Nursing.

Blunt - Michele McCarty, Environ Engineering Tech Controlled Environment Ag.

Box Elder – Siama Bickell, Practical Nursing; Taylor Bone, Registered Nursing; Michael Duty, Business and Technology; Tyler Fitzner, Automotive Technology; Allitney Forkner, Practical Nursing; Carlos Gonzalez, Diesel Technology; Melina Hatfield, HVAC/R Technology; Stacy Held, Allied Health – Practical Nursing Emphasis; Stacy Held, Practical Nursing; Aaron Hill, Criminal Justice; Deidra Long, Criminal Justice; Genesis Mata, Phlebotomy; Dietric McConnell, Practical Nursing; Stefanie Moak, Registered Nursing; Jordyn Simmering, Computer Science-Information Technology Specialist; Careen Smith, Computer Aided Design; Yancy Swift, Computer Aided Design; Amy Timm, Practical Nursing; Megan Timm, Surgical Technology; Justice VanThuyne, Accounting; Samantha Wagner, Surgical Technology; Jennifer Winther, Health Information Management.

Buffalo - Peyton Mollman, Practical Nursing; Kylie Teller, Accounting; Kylie Teller, Bookkeeping; Kylie Teller, Business and Technology.

Camp Crook - Richard Long, HVAC/R Technology.

Chamberlain - Garret Ristau, Environ Engineering Tech Controlled Environment Ag.

Custer – Cole Battle, Diesel Technology; Connor Powell, Diesel Technology - Industrial Maintenance Tech.

Deadwood - Tyler Percy, Welding and Fabrication; Dylan Schumacher, Diesel Technology.

Draper - Ty Fuoss, Farm & Ranch Management.

Eagle Butte – Aidan Martin, Criminal Justice - Law Enforcement Emphasis.

Ellsworth Air Force Base - Kristin Earwood, Medical Assisting; Miae Yadao, Medical Laboratory Technician.

Fairburn - Olivia Zwetzig, Entrepreneurship.

Glenham - Caitlyn Anderson, Bookkeeping.

Hermosa - Cortlyne Rystrom, Health Information Management.

Hill City - Bruce Brown, Library Technician; Stefanie Doaty, Surgical Technology; Catherine Harding, Allied Health – Practical Nursing Emphasis; Catherine Harding, Practical Nursing.

Hot Springs - Tonya Bloom, Registered Nursing; Jaclyn Duarte, Practical Nursing; Madyson Gese, Medical Laboratory Technician; Stephanie Lawrence, Medical Laboratory Technician; Gabriel Shagla, Electrical Trades.

Interior - Crystal Livermont, Farm & Ranch Management.

Isabel - Cooper Lindskov, Diesel Technology.

Kadoka - Madison Brown, Phlebotomy; Andi Stone, Phlebotomy.

Kyle - Jesse Thunderhawk, Automotive Technology.

Lake City - Daniel Courtney, HVAC/R Technology.

Lead - Braevry Davis, Welding and Fabrication; Gregory Vincent, Welding and Fabrication; Owen Wisser, Computer Science-Information Technology Specialist.

Lennox - Megan Lefers, Library Technician.

Manderson - Cheyenne Weston, Paramedic.

New Underwood - Paitonne Palmer, Diesel Technology; Karralynn Uthe, Surgical Technology.

Owanka - Kayla Wulf, Registered Nursing.

Piedmont – Emme Berglund, Surgical Technology; Aaron Hanson, Business and Technology; Donna LaMont, Criminal Justice; Kyleen Liebig, Allied Health; Ashley Meier, Practical Nursing.

Pine Ridge – Corey Brown, Welding and Fabrication.

Pringle – Amber Charles, Registered Nursing.

Quinn - Lexi Scott, Business and Technology.

Rapid City – Kelly Adrian, Medical Assisting; Joseph Amiotte, Medical Laboratory Technician; Spencer Anderson, Computer Aided Design; Garrett Atchley, Welding and Fabrication; Josephine Athieno, Registered Nursing; Zane Austin, Computer Aided Design; Austin Bahr, Electrical Trades; Christian Baker, Automotive Technology; Tristen Beal, Automotive Technology; Taylor Bell, Practical Nursing; Kayla Benson, Health Information Management; Gaylan Black Horn, Welding and Fabrication; Jason Bowles, Automotive Technology; Keegan Britton, Drafting and Machining Technology; Craig Buckley, Computer Aided Design; Dylan Buechler, Welding and Fabrication; Jennifer Challender, Computer Science-Information Technology Specialist; Joshua Chandler, Diesel Technology - Industrial Maintenance Tech; Nicholas Colbert, Drafting and Machining Technology; Nicholas Colbert, Precision Machining Technology; Michaela Collins, Environmental Engineering Technician; Davin Compton, Practical Nursing; Adrian Cox, Automotive Technology; Haylee Crossman, Office Professional; Elizabeth Crumb, Environ Engineering Tech Controlled Environment Ag; Tate Cullers, Environmental Engineering Technician; Christopher Dalluge, Automotive Technology; Carson Daulton, Welding and Fabrication; Aaron Daum, HVAC/R Technology; Esmeralda De Anda- Meza, Surgical Technology; Thomas DeJong, Computer Science-Information Technology Specialist; Jasmine Derby, Registered Nursing; Alyssa Dikoff, Welding and Fabrication; McKenzie Doto, Registered Nursing; Madison Eisemann, Medical Laboratory Technician; Jeren Ennen, Welding and Fabrication; Cherise Evans, Registered Nursing; James Farby, Welding and Fabrication; Ariana Ferreira, Registered Nursing; Taylor Foss, Surgical Technology; Presley Foudray, Medical Laboratory Technician; Presley Foudray, Phlebotomy; Joshua Fox, Construction Technology; Rebecca Freeman, Medical Laboratory Technician; James Geibel, Practical Nursing; Alisha Gonzalez, Allied Health; Gregory Gonzalez, Environmental Engineering Technician; Raelynn Graham, Allied Health; Raelynn Graham, Practical Nursing; Brittany Gross, Accounting; Brittany Gross, Bookkeeping; Kristina Hague, Accounting; Greg Hamblin, Plumbing Technology; Jared Hannon, Welding and Fabrication; Mariah Harder, Surgical Technology; Sienna Hatten, Criminal Justice - Law Enforcement Emphasis; Ro Hedrick, Welding and Fabrication; Stephen Hennies, Computer Science-Information Technology Specialist; Stephen Hennies, Computer Science-Information Technology Specialist; Madison Hewitt, Health Information Management; Bruce Hise, Plumbing Technology; Brooke Hochstetter, Practical Nursing; Beth Hodges, Environmental Engineering Technician; Jessica Howard, Registered Nursing; Cory Iwan, Environmental Engineering Technician; Ariel Jackson, Business and Technology; Erin Jensen, Health Information Management; Briana Johnson, Registered Nursing; Emily Johnson, Bookkeeping; Rachel Johnson, Practical Nursing; Hope Jones, Medical Laboratory Technician; Brody Kaup, Welding and Fabrication; Kassandra Kingrey, Accounting; Joshua Kjellerson, Computer Science-Information Technology Specialist; Micah Kooiman, Automotive Technology; Jennifer LaBrie, Allied Health; Teshia Larsen, Registered Nursing; Jeremy Lewis, Drafting and Machining Technology; Stephen Lufkins, Construction Technology; Nathanial Malone, Diesel Technology; Michele Mamula, Practical Nursing; Samuel Martin, Electrical Trades -Autonomous Equipment Technician; Olivia Mass, Phlebotomy/Laboratory Assistant; Nikki Matson, Bookkeeping; Richard Mayer, Construction Technology; Emily McGuire, Paramedic; Serena McKinstry, Health Information Management; Jake Miller, Environmental Engineering Technician; Trevor Moore, Computer Science-Information Technology Specialist; Sierra Morrison, Paramedic; Jeromy O'Dell, Computer Science-Information Technology Specialist; Jada Olson, Medical Assisting; Janae Olson, Criminal Justice - Law Enforcement Emphasis; Katelyn Palmer, Accounting; Katelyn Palmer, Bookkeeping; Mallory Perry, Allied Health; Mallory Perry, Practical Nursing; Madison Petrotto, Registered Nursing; Paige Poulsen, Registered Nursing; Waylon Pourier, Automotive Technology; Laura Quasney, Health Information Management; Krystin Ragsdale, Registered Nursing; Curtis Reisenauer, Computer Aided Design; Victoria Rennell, Health Information Management; James Rogers, Electrical Trades; Jessica Schmidt, Registered Nursing; Macey Schmidt, Practical Nursing; Connor Schmitz, Welding and Fabrication; Austin Semmler, Automotive Technology; Eric Shay, Accounting; Jamie Shoop, Practical Nursing; Kari Siebert, Business and Technology; Mya Simon, Practical Nursing; Melanie Small, Business - Hospitality; Izabelle Smith, Surgical Technology; Isaiah Snead-Weasel Bear, Allied Health; Katalena Solano, Health Information Management; David Sorensen, Computer Science-Information Technology Specialist; Joseph Sowards, Construction Technology; Sharyl Stokes-Drain, Environmental Engineering Technician; Elijah Stomprud, Computer Aided Design; Andrew Stroup, Criminal Justice - Law Enforcement Emphasis; Mikayla Sunding, Entrepreneurship; Linda Swier, Allied Health; Grayson Tech, Computer Science-Information Technology Specialist; Chloe Thome, Construction Technology; Trista Thompson, Practical Nursing; Leslie Torres, Criminal Justice - Law Enforcement Emphasis; Stuart Traversie, Computer Science-Information Technology Specialist; Tiffany Tuttle, Health Information Management; Hunter Two Eagle, Welding and Fabrication; Nakiah Valandra, Welding and Fabrication; Jared Von Wald, Welding and Fabrication; James Walker, Computer Science-Information Technology Specialist; John Walz, Diesel Technology; Joel Way, Accounting; Joel Way, Bookkeeping; Shalie Weaver, Computer Aided Design; Taysen Weber, Welding and Fabrication; Jennah Leah Whirlwind Horse, Phlebotomy/Laboratory Assistant; David White, Construction Technology; Franklin Whiting Jr., Construction Technology; Steven Wingler, Computer Science-Information Technology Specialist; Madison Wolfe, Surgical Technology; Rebekah Wood, Practical Nursing; Jonathan Young, Construction Technology; Holly Ziegel, Medical Laboratory Technician; Jeromey Zweber, Plumbing Technology.

Reva - Jace Klempel, Diesel Technology.

Saint Onge - Mikkal Black, Accounting.

Sioux Falls - Jody Carlson, Entrepreneurship.

Spearfish - Dawson Craig, HVAC/R Technology; Drason Craig, Construction Technology; Chloe Drolc, Business and Technology; Alexander Hamaker, Plumbing Technology; Danielle Hetland, Phlebotomy; Stephanie Kearns, Practical Nursing; Ryder Ladner, Drafting and Machining Technology; Jordan Mathews, Bookkeeping; Neal Porter, Medical Laboratory Technician; Tamara Waldrop, Health Information Management.

Sturgis - Justin Burnham, HVAC/R Technology; Erin Drury, Phlebotomy; Madison Estey, Surgical Technology; Race Garvin, Farm & Ranch Management; Owen Hoops, Computer Aided Design; Cody Nelson, Drafting and Machining Technology; Johanne Peldo, Medical Assisting; Erica Peterson, Bookkeeping; Joseph Pinkerton, Welding and Fabrication; Jaclyn Reiner, Dental Assisting; Brian Sanders, Bookkeeping; Shanea Schmidt, Surgical Technology.

Summerset - Nicholas Krebs, Diesel Technology; Tatiana Lazari, Registered Nursing; Cailyn Ratzsch, Practical Nursing; Jared Sailer, Criminal Justice - Law Enforcement Emphasis; Jaci Skillingstad, Registered Nursing.

Vale - Chyann Cody, Business - Hospitality; Shaley Dirk, Bookkeeping.

Wall - Laeton Anderson, Electrical Trades.

Watertown - Brooke Redder, Library Technician.

Whitewood – Clayton Smith, Diesel Technology; Stevie Tebben, Surgical Technology.

Broadus - Tyson Robinson, Electrical Trades.

Sidney – Kevin Skogen, HVAC/R Technology.


Bismarck – Jaxon Tabert, Welding and Fabrication.

Hettinger – Kaden Schauer, Diesel Technology.

Chadron - Hunter Parks, Electrical Trades

Gering - John Moench, Automotive Technology; Raul Rojas, HVAC/R Technology.

Grand Island - Cale Benson, Welding and Fabrication.

Hay Springs – RyLee Wolken, Surgical Technology.

Winside – Sophie Milenkovich, Surgical Technology.


West Haven - Alisha Berndt, Medical Laboratory Technician.


Beulah - Grace Trandahl, Practical Nursing.

Gillette - Mackenzie DeBerg, Surgical Technology; Madelyn Fisk, Registered Nursing; JaNohn Thacker, Allied Health – Practical Nursing Emphasis; JaNohn Thacker, Practical Nursing.

Newcastle - Jessie Stearns, Registered Nursing.

About Western Dakota Technical College

Western Dakota Technical College (WDTC) was established in 1968 and is the only technical college serving the western South Dakota region.

WDTC offers more than 40 programs in a variety of fields, including Business and Computers, Construction and Manufacturing, Energy and Environmental Technologies, Health Sciences, Legal and Public Services, and Transportation Technologies.

Ninety-nine percent of Western Dakota Technical College's most recent graduates are working, continuing their education, or are enlisted in the military per the WDTC 2021 Placement Report. There were 326 respondents out of 380 graduates surveyed. [*Placement information is derived from graduate surveys, faculty-collected data, placement surveys started six months after graduation, and the South Dakota Department of Labor and Regulation. Overall placement rate is figured by: (responding graduates employed, continuing education, or in military service)/(responding graduates who are seeking employment). The number of program graduates are unduplicated by CIP code.]

Western Dakota Technical College faculty, staff, and administration focus their efforts on helping students gain the skills and experiences they need to succeed. Through hands-on learning, internships, and industry partnerships, Western Dakota Tech students graduate ready to make a real and immediate contribution to their employers and to their communities.

For information about WDTC, call (800) 544-8765 or (605) 718-2565 or send an email to Visit us on the web at


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